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Interview with Ian Wilding

My first theatre experience was…  either a school trip to see Cinderella or watching Morecambe and Wise do Antony and Cleopatra on one of their Christmas specials. I do remember going to see Cider with Rosie and being struck by a very tall actor doing a convincing incarnation of a baby in a very small basket. But was it my first?

If I was a character in a play I’d be… t he sidekick or the discontent, the agitator or the smart-arse - but never the protagonist.

I hate theatre when…  I can’t get to see it because it’s too far away.

Playwrights who inspire me… are t hose who have the courage of their convictions to say things that could get them locked-up in prison and worse. Don’t think I’d have the guts.

The best line that never made it into one of my plays is... t hat’s not a tea-pot. (still brings me to tears).

My best or worst moment working in the theatre was... t he best moment is always the thing that’s going to happen next and the worst moment is always that the last thing just came to an end.

Heroes or villains - whose side are you on…  the modern taste is for a blurring of the boundaries between these two poles. I’m all for bringing the opposites back and watching them both fail.

My last big laugh was about… t he election. Still going strong. Especially the emergence of ‘end of the world’ rhetoric by those that failed to form government. I still haven’t worked out if life is a tragedy or a comedy.

My last big whinge was about… t ime. Time time time. Never enough of it. A truism I know. But it becomes ever more acute as you get older.

The role of theatre in 21st century Australia is… t o be the protagonist not just the sidekick, the discontent, the agitator or the smart-arse.

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