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Siobhan McHugh

Interview with Siobhan at her house in Balmain, Sydney, December 2009.

An award-winning writer and documentary-maker, Siobhan has broad experience of oral history as a practitioner, teacher and consultant. Her oral histories range across social, cultural, scientific, environmental, multicultural and political themes and have been made into books, films, TV and radio documentaries, CDs, a stage play, and featured on-line. Her oral history publication Minefields and Miniskirts, Australian Women and the Vietnam War, was adapted into a stage play by Terence O’Connell. 

Suggested Reading:

Minefield and Miniskirts by Siobhan McHugh.

Aerobic Art of Interviewing by Siobhan McHugh. 

For more on Siobhan McHugh visit her website
Minefields and Miniskirts: the perils and pleasures of adapting oral history for the stage by Siobhan McHugh, article published in Oral History Association of Australia Journal. 


1. The Oral Historian (3.10) – Siobhan discusses the role  and responsibilities of the oral  historian. 

2. The Title (2.25) – Siobhan explains where the title came from. 

3. Interview Technique (3.39) – Siobhan talks about what makes for a good interview and offers her thoughts on good interview practices.

4. Community Response (3.09) – Siobhan discusses how the woman she interviewed responded to the play as well as the broader community of returned soldiers and their families.   

5. Authorship (1.55) – Siobhan discusses the notion of 'authorship', when creating a work from oral history interviews. 

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