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Interview with Tim Ferguson

My first comedy experience was…  being told I could be a serious actor if I stopped doing that thing with my fingers.

If I was a character in a play I’d be…  King Lear. It just doesn’t look as hard as they say.

I hate theatre when…  it tries to educate me. I refuse to be lectured by actors of all people.

Comedians who inspire me…  John Clarke is The Man. Whatever he says is right. Even when he’s being wrong, it’s on purpose. Sarah Silverman is The Woman. Everything she says is so very wrong, it goes full circle to being right (but not as right as John Clarke.)  Paul McDermott is The Hermaphrodite, and we’re working through that.

The best line that never made it into one of my books is...  ‘God is watching, just not this channel.’

My best or worst moment working in performance was...  Worst: Tying to blow up a BMW on live TV and being told ‘We’re not quite ready’.  Best: Playing golf with cockroaches.

Heroes or villains - whose side are you on…  Whoever gets the girl.

My last big laugh was about…  George Bush opening his own library of sports magazines and books about sports magazines.

My last big whinge was about…  Sarah Palin losing her chance at the Vice Presidency. That woman puts food on comedians’ tables. Obama is not funny and my children go hungry because of it.

Why is comedy important to you and what do you consider the role of comedy in 21st century Australia to be? U nlike drama which creates educational fictions, comedy simply tells the truth. The sooner our screenwriters learn this the better. In the future, more than half of Australian films should be comedies. They work. Social realism doesn’t.  Okay, can I have my pants back now?

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