Sweet William: Twenty Thousand Hours With Shakespeare (Hardback)


ISBN: 9781854595683
Author: Michael Pennington
Publication Date: 02/02/2012
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 336pp.


Michael Pennington’s solo show about Shakespeare, Sweet William, has been acclaimed throughout Europe and in the US as a unique blend of showmanship and scholarship. In this book, he deepens his exploration of Shakespeare’s life and work – and the connection between the two – that lies at its heart.

It is illuminated throughout by the unrivalled insights into the plays that Pennington has gained from the twenty thousand hours he has spent working on them as a leading actor, an artistic director and a director – and as the author of three previous books on individual Shakespeare plays.

‘Michael Pennington is a great Shakespearian actor who writes with the authority of an academic. His book analyses the plays, the characters and the playwright’s life. It will intrigue, entertain and challenge students, actors and their audiences. It undoubtedly leads the field in modern Shakespeare scholarship’ Ian McKellen

‘There are very few who can bring to Shakespeare the thoughts that are born in the burning heart of hard-earned experience. Michael Pennington not only knows what he means, he has the writer’s talent to put this into irresistibly readable words.’ Peter Brook 

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