Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches


ISBN: 9781854591562
Author: Tony Kushner
Publication Date: 01/02/1992
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 204pp.


Part One of the two-part Angels in America, an epic drama set during the Reagan years in America – now recognised as one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Winner of the Evening Standard Best Play Award

Prior, visited by ghosts of his ancestors and abandoned by his lover after his diagnosis with AIDS, is wondering if he is still sane when the angels select him to be their prophet. Powerbroker Roy Cohn also has the virus – but he believes that only the powerless can have that particular illness, and so kicks back against his diagnosis.

In the ‘melting pot where nothing melted’ of modern America, the nation’s reaction to the sickness – and its sufferers – is laid bare.

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