ISBN: 9780868199887
Author: Melissa Bubnic
Publication Date: 18/7/2013
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 72pp.


Arty is huge. Ginormous. Morbidly obese, he’s in need of a gastric bypass to save his life. At over 400 kilos, he’s the world’s fattest teenager. Arty is also being followed by a reality TV crew. Will he lose the kilos needed to have the op? Will he survive to eat another cream puff? Will Louise, his Pathways-to-Work officer, transform his life in ways he never imagined? Unapologetically satiric, Beached is also the moving story of a man imprisoned in his own body. It lays bare the mercenary nature of reality TV, and turns the microscope on society’s insatiable appetite for misery.

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ePub, Mobi, Print


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