ISBN: 9781854595737
Author: Rupert Goold, Ben Power, Christopher Marlowe
Publication Date: 18/10/2007
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.

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A radical reworking of Marlowe’s classic Dr Faustus – here the original story of the man who sells his soul to the devil collides with a horrifying act of provocation by 21st-century artists the Chapman Brothers.

Heidelberg, Germany, 1509. John Faustus, doctor and scholar, pledges himself to the dark art of necromancy and vows to conjure the devil. So begins his descent into a world of demons and angels, a journey across space and time and a blood pact which jeopardises his eternal soul…

Hoxton, London, 2001. Jake and Dinos Chapman, artists and provocateurs, prepare to break the ultimate taboo, by ‘rectifying’ a priceless set of etchings by Francisco Goya. Confronting an act which cannot be undone, a statement of intent which cannot be taken back, the Brothers’ world changes forever…

Two universes collide as Faustus and the Chapmans challenge the limits of life and art, risking everything in their pursuit of immortality.

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