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Enhanced ebooks

Price: AU $29.99 Published: 1 March, 2015 Size: 602MB

Currency Press and Currency House are proud to announce the joint  publication of the first comprehensive study of the work of filmmaker Rolf de  Heer, Australia’s acknowledged auteur. Famed for never repeating himself, de  Heer first gained national attention in 1993 with Bad Boy Bubby, then Dancing  to My Song and Alexandra’s Project. Today he is most widely characterised  by his ‘accidental trilogy’ in partnership with the actor David Gulpilil— The  Tracker, Ten Canoes and the recently acclaimed Charlie’s Country.

In 16 chapters film critic Jane Freebury searches for the sources of de Heer’s  inspiration and finds the secret of his success in an ethic of hard work,  flexibility and self-reliance that meets challenges with ingenuity and keeps  a steady focus on his vision. His films are recognised by their wry humour,  pleasure in the reversal of fortune and the unique landscape of Australia and  its inhabitants. His remarkable career as an independent filmmaker has much  to teach young producers and directors. Each chapter discusses a single  film: its conception and making, actors and creative team, reception and  consequences. Such a book is long overdue.


Price: AU $29.99 Published: January 8, 2015 Size: 495MB

The Jandamarra enhanced ebook brings together Steve Hawke’s groundbreaking play, a work integral to understanding Australian history and the conflicts that have shaped our national identity, with a substantial amount of multimedia content, sociocultural analysis and extensive teachers' notes. The result is a curated experience of the play as a whole: on stage, behind the scenes and in production.

Jandamarra: the play
Jandamarra is a legend of the Bunuba people. He led one of the longest and most successful campaigns to defend Aboriginal country in Australian history before being gunned down while still in his twenties. Following Jandamarra’s journey into manhood, his attempts to escape his family and culture, and his subsequent return to the Bunuba people where he became their leader, Jandamarra seamlessly combines traditional storytelling, dance and song in a culturally illuminating, emotionally stirring and linguistically captivating reimagining of his story.

The Jandamarra enhanced ebook features:
- The full play script.
- The Windjana Gorge performance of Jandamarra in 2011 - 28 images and 10 videos of key scenes chart Jandamarra's journey.
- Steve Hawke (playwright) and Phil Thomson (director) discuss the development o f the Windjana Gorge performance  with journalist Vickie Laurie.
- Teachers’ notes.


Price: AU $29.99 Published: January 8, 2015 Size: 280MB

The Secret River enhanced ebook brings together the full play text of this theatrical masterpiece with an audio tour of the script with the playwright, Andrew Bovell, images from the Sydney Theatre Company's  2013 production, sociocultural analysis of the work and extensive teacher's  notes. The result is a curated experience of the play as a whole: on stage, behind the scenes and in production.

The Secret River: the play
The Secret River shines a light on a critical moment of Australian history. It tells the story of William Thornhill, born into brutal poverty in London in the late 18th century and transported to the Colony of New South Wales for theft in 1806. After earning his freedom he brings his wife, Sal, and their children up from Sydney Cove to the Hawkesbury where they ‘take up’ 100 acres of land on the banks of the river. He falls in love with it and dares to dream that one day it might be his, only to discover that it’s not his to take: it’s owned and occupied by the Dharug people. And as Thornhill’s attachment to this place, and his dream of a better future, begins to deepen he is driven to make a choice that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

The Secret River enhanced ebook features:
- The full play script.
- Andrew Bovell takes you on a tour of the work - 26 audio grabs are embedded throughout the script.
- Andrew Bovell introduces 11 of the characters.
- Nine photos from the Sydney Theatre Company production in 2013.
- Wesley Enoch's response to the play, ‘Still Waters’, offering critical analysis and personal reflections.
- Teachers’ notes.


Price: AU $39.99 Published: January 16, 2015 Size: 461MB

The Staging Asylum enhanced ebook includes the six contemporary Australian plays from the print edition, offering a range of narratives and perspectives on asylum seekers and refugees. It also includes two in-depth audio interviews, sociocultural and historical analysis, as well as extensive teachers' notes. The result is a curated experience of the plays as a whole: on stage and within the discourse on unauthorised asylum seekers, immigration detention, border control and the right to belong.

Staging Asylum: the plays

This unique and diverse collection includes:
1. CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident) by version 1.0, a smart, ironic verbatim work that deals with the Children Overboard Affair and the SIEV X disaster
2. The Rainbow Dark by Victoria Carless, a surreal domestic satire about immigration detention
3. The Pacific Solution by Ben Eltham, which takes armchair cricket commentary as a point of departure for a farce about the Howard government’s excision of migration territory
4. Halal-el-Mashakel by Linda Jaivin, which looks at the friendship between two detained asylum seekers
5. Journey of Asylum Waiting devised by Catherine Simmonds, a series of vignettes based upon the personal experiences of asylum seekers and refugees living in Melbourne
6. Nothing But Nothing by Towfiq Al-Qady, an autobiographical play about childhood and war
The Staging Asylum enhanced ebook features:
1. The full play script for all six titles listed above
2. Academic articles from:
  • Julian Burnside AO QC, exploring the core legal issues, both national and international, which are affected by Australian governmental policies regarding asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM, sharing the amazing success story behind the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
  • Judi Moylan, contributing an article that offers a concise history of Australian governmental policy regarding asylum seekers and refugees, from federation to present day.
  • Dr. Joseph Pugliese, looking at how the suicide of one escaped detainee, Habib Waheedy, can be seen to reflect more broadly upon our civic duty and responsibility towards asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Dr. Caroline Wake, examining the refugee determination process as a form of performance, whereby the assessed must present their case to the assessor and both parties often mislead and misjudge one another.
3. Audio interviews:
  • Judi Moylan discussing the migration policies during her time as as a Liberal MP.
  • Morteza Poorvadi speaking about his own personal experiences seeking asylum, being held in detention for four years, and then completing a BA in Mathematical Engineering as well as starring in Halal-el-Mashakel at the Adelaide Fringe, which was loosely based on his internment at Villawood.
4. Teachers’ notes


Price: AU $19.99 Published: May 5, 2013 Size: 231MB

This ground-breaking app offers a curated experience around the play text of Ray Lawler's classic Australian play, allowing users to explore the piece from a variety of perspectives.

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll: the play
Ray Lawler's revised script (2012) of Australia's most famous play, in which two larrikin canecutters and their women awaken to middle-age. The impact of The Doll cannot be overstated. Its success both here and abroad was quickly recognised as a defining moment in Australian theatre history.

The Doll iPad app features:
1. 145 audio grabs, embedded in the play script and elsewhere throughout the app, offering a guided tour through the play - on stage and behind the scenes. These grabs are drawn from interviews with:
  • Ray Lawler, who takes you on a guided tour of the play.
  • Neil Armfield AO, who discusses his approach to directing the play as well as its significance in Australian history.
  • Sandy Gore on playing Pearl in the 1977 Melbourne Theatre Company production.
  • Bruce Myles on playing Barney in the 1977 Melbourne Theatre Company production.
  • Steve Le Marquand on playing Roo in the 2011/12 tour of the play through the eastern states of Australia.
  • John McCallum on the sociocultural significance of the play as well as the narrative's resonance in the Australian collective psyche.
  • Travis McMahon on playing Barney in the 2011/12 tour of the play through the eastern states of Australia.
  • Susie Porter on playing Olive in the 2011 Belvoir production.
2. Detailed character analyses, drawn from the interviews listed above.
3. Ray Lawler talks to Alison Croggon in a brand new 20 minute interview, charting the play's history, from its genesis to present day.
4. Behind the scenes insights into key productions, from some of those who were involved in bringing the play to life on stage.
5. 218 photos, programmes, letters and design sketches from major institutions around Australia, hand-picked by Currency Press, building a pictorial timeline of the play s history.
6. A range of articles on the play's social, historical and theatrical significance from five respected thinkers:

- An Introduction to the Doll by Jenny Nicholls & John McCallum (2012).
- The Intimate Life of the Doll by Leslie Rees (1973).
- Growing up in Australia by Katharine Brisbane (1978).
- Is it a boy or is it a girl? Gendering the Seventeenth Doll by Kerryn Goldsworthy (1995).
- All Grown Up and Finally Unfinished by Alison Croggon (2012).

The play text:
1. Fully searchable, with an in-built dictionary.
2. Annotate the play text; all your annotations are stored in one place - ordered chronologically and easily shared by email.


1. Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Awards: Best of Tablet, Learning and Education


1. Australian Publishers Association: Best Digital Media Teaching Resource
2. Drama Victoria: Best Australian Multimedia Presentation specifically designed for Drama and Theatre Education