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Currency Press - Female Writers

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A Beautiful Life
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

A Beautiful Life

Michael Futcher & Helen Howard
An Iranian family living in Australia attempts to escape memories of torture endured back home. Their role in the 1992 raid on the Iranian Embassy in Canberra leads to persecution by the Australian government. Based on a true story.

   eBook available from

Cast : 6M, 2F
Performance Rights :
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-605-3 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Acts of Courage
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Acts of Courage

Roslyn Oades
Acts of Courage forges immediacy and honesty between a vast range of Australian stories, generating forgiveness and hope in the act. Oades’ unwavering loyalty to the words, sounds and silences of everyday conversations conveys a steadfast loyalty to the experiences and the people from which they come. This trilogy celebrates not only the Australian spirit through times of hardship, but everyday, extraordinary, acts of courage.

Stories of Love and Hate
Made in response to the 2005 Cronulla Riots, Stories of Love and Hate traces the lives and loves of the passionate people who were there.


Fast Cars and Tractor Engines
Ordinary people tell extraordinary stories about the fight of their lives as cultures collide, punches are dodged and youthful confessions of love are shared ...

I'm Your Man
Set in a boxing ring I’m Your Man explores notions of masculinity, courage and respect.

The SBS produced an interactive documentary based on I'm Your Man, available online for free.  You can learn about famous figures Tony Mundine, Lionel Rose, Les Darcy, Johnny Famechon and Kostya Tszyu and also try out boxing for yourself.  This exciting resource is especially suited for teenage audiences, and could be used easily in the classroom.   Access it free here.

Cast : Doubling possible for all plays. Stories of Love & Hate: 16M, 12F / Fast Cars & Tractor Engines: 7M, 10F / I'm Your Man: 16M
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-525-7 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Alice in Wonderland
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Alice in Wonderland

Mary Anne Butler
Lewis Carroll’s whirling, fantastical masterpiece is faithfully and beautifully recreated as a non-stop, madcap theatrical adventure for the whole family. This classic kids’ tale is now an all-new Australian adaptation by multi award-winning playwright Mary Anne Butler.

Cast : 4F, 7M + extras (doubling possible)
Currency Press | 978-1-76062-192-6 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
$11.81 ex GST
$12.99 inc GST


Dallas Winmar
Traces the true story of three Aboriginal sisters whose mother was determined to keep her children when officials wanted to remove them following the death of their father. 

The story is that of the three sisters of the playwright Jack Davis.

  • 2003 VIC Premier's Literary Awards - Louis Esson Prize for Drama (shortlist)
  • 2002 Kate Challis RAKA Award 
  • 2002 Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - Play Award (shortlist)
Cast : 2M, 4F
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-688-6 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Almost with You
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Almost with You

Elizabeth Coleman
It’s 2007. At forty-five, Lisa is fighting growing feelings for Tom that threaten to rob her of Dan, the person she’s always loved most in the world. She wants Tom badly, but she can’t (or won’t) tell him about Dan, and Tom finds himself in a competition that he can’t possibly understand. As for Dan, he’s a cheeky, exasperating mystery: a twenty-year-old who lives in Lisa’s house and heart and is steeped in the style and the vibrant music of the British post-punk era.

Dan brings Lisa a joy she can’t bear to explain, but with her chance for a life with Tom slipping away, she must finally find the courage to let Dan go. It’s the most terrifying—and liberating—decision she’s made since a fateful night 25 years ago.

Taking its title from The Church song, Almost With You is written with Elizabeth Coleman’s customary wit, warmth and elegance. With flashbacks to the seventies and eighties lovingly captured, Almost With You is a funny and deeply affecting look at love, loss and letting go.

    eBook available from

Cast : 3F, 3M
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-523-3 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
As Told By the Boys Who Fed Me Apples
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

As Told By the Boys Who Fed Me Apples

R. Johns

Sandy was the only Australian War Horse to return home from World War I. This is his poignant and fragmented war story. Through Sandy we experience the lives of three men who fought in the war.

Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges is mortally wounded at Gallipoli, and Sandy is his charger. A veterinary officer is caught with Sandy behind the lines on the Western Front in a gas shell barrage. A ‘permanently unfit’ soldier becomes a groom and brings Sandy home. Each is affected by their symbiotic relationship with the horse.

This unique, poetic piece of theatre captures the brutality of war and the heroism of the soldiers and horses who served.

Sandy is the horse full of wattle who drank the waters of the Murray in bucketloads, and who danced with bogong moths.

He is our connection to all those left behind.

Ebook available on:

Cast : 4M, doubling possible
Currency Press | 978-1-76062-052-3 | Sales Rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST


Lally Katz

Lally Katz is on a journey. She’s left Australia behind and she’s in the country of her childhood, trying to find a way back to when things were innocent. Her relationships are chaotic, her professional life is a shambles and contemporary America seems riddled with charlatans and shysters. But along the way moments of wisdom bubble up, as if from some lost ancient city beneath the waves off Florida…

The fabulous Lally Katz once again mines her life – both real and imaginative – for an epic story lined with romantic dilemmas and unforgettable encounters. A grand adventure through cynical times, but infused with Lally’s unwavering optimism.

Cast : 6F, 4M (doubling possible)
Currency Press | 978-1-76062-138-4 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Australian Gay & Lesbian Plays
$31.77 ex GST
$34.95 inc GST

Australian Gay & Lesbian Plays

The Gay Divorcee/Furious/Blood and Honour/What Do They Call Me?/Mates/Pinball/Is That You Nancy?

Bruce Parr (ed)
The printed edition of Australian Gay & Lesbian Plays is no longer available. The individual plays in the collection are available as eBooks only.

A collection of gay and lesbian themed drama.

The Gay Divorcee , by Margaret Fischer
Weaving together the language of fairytales with the psychodrama of modern lesbian relationships, Margaret Fischer explores today’s challenges with yesterday’s wisdom and a touch of Jewish humour.

, by Michael Gow
A family secret, a terrible betrayal and an obsession to rewrite the past combine in an explosive cocktail of fact and fiction. This is Michael Gow’s most uncompromising play.

Also available as an ebook:


Blood and Honour , by Alex Harding
Racism and homophobia are explored in the relationship between a white Australian, Colin, and his Asian lover, Michael. The language of the stage elevates their dialogue with Colin’s mother to a hyper-real and hilarious performance of ideas.

What Do They Call Me? , by Eva Johnson
Coming to terms with both lesbian and Aboriginal identity are at the heart of Johnson’s three monologues, which each present a different view of the impact of legislation from the 1940s to 1970s on Aboriginal people.

Mates , by Peter Kenna
An old bloke from the bush revisits an old haunt, to find it has been transformed. He meets a young, gay singer on the verge of suicide. The scene is set for a confrontation with the singer's closeted lover and the bushie's memories of youth.


Pinball , by Alison Lyssa
An entertaining drama from 1980 written in defense of women facing judges who make the presumption that a lesbian parent is likely to be harmful to a child.


Is That You Nancy? ,  by  Sandra Shotlander
This lively and literary play links lesbians of the past with those of the present in a delightful tapestry of telephone calls between Gertrude Stein, her friends and her fans.

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-455-4 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Australian Women's Drama: Texts and Feminisms
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Australian Women's Drama: Texts and Feminisms

Vocations / The Chapel Perilous / Historia / Murras / Remember / The Forty Lounge Cafe / Running Up a Dress

Peta Tait & Elizabeth Schafer (eds)
A collection of plays that charts some of the shifts in feminist thinking over the past twenty-five years and features some of Australia’s most renowned female dramatists.

Vocationsby Alma De Groen
Two women, a writer and an actress, must try to separate their vocations from the nesting instincts of their mates.
The Chapel Perilous,  by Dorothy Hewett
The painful and sometimes farcical life of a defiant young poet, Sally Banner, as she attempts—through her school days, lovers, marriage and politics—to extract meaning from her environment. Music by Frank Arndt.

   Single edition eBook available from

Historia,  by Noëlle Janaczewska
A lesbian love affair between the Polish-born Zosia and the Australian Zoe invokes a powerful reconsideration of the boundaries placed around ethnicity and nationality, cyberspace and real time, and the past and the present.

Murras,  by Eva Johnson
An Aboriginal woman, Ruby, struggles against hostile and racist society. She loses her husband to alcoholism induced by despair at the loss of his land and culture; and she loses her house under authoritarian governmental rehousing policies. She must face other terrible things, too, but the tragic events of her life are offset by her courageous strength. 

Remember,  by Jenny Kemp
Sustaining a tension between a mundane domesticity and the surreal, exotic projections of Moderna’s inner world, Remember  investigates the long-term consequences of the experience of rape. 


The Forty Lounge Cafe , by Tes Lyssiotis
A lyrical family story spanning three generations and two worlds. 

Running Up A Dress , by Suzanne Spunner
A collage of performed selves, this play depicts the ‘wear and tear’ on mother-daughter relationships through linguistic exercises on the extended metaphor of dressmaking. 
Cast : Vocations - 2M, 2F + extras / The Chapel Perilous - 3M, 2F / Historia - 2M, 2F / Remember - 2M, 3F / The Forty Lounge Cafe - 9F (doubling possible)
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-497-4 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST


Rita Kalnejais

A group of more or less ordinary Sydneysiders go about their lives: Anna makes toast, Henry dresses for work, Milla catches the train to school, Moses deals drugs. But hovering above this unholy parade of life is the sobering fact that Milla will die before her 15th birthday.

Babyteeth looks at the humdrum world around us and sees something radically alive. Dogs, Paganini, figs, an eight-year-old Vietnamese violin prodigy, morphine, clear skies and a Latvian immigrant are amongst the magnificent conflagration of ingredients which make up this wonderful, funny play, written specially for Belvoir.

Cast : 4M, 3F
Performance Rights : Shanahan Management -
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-926-9 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
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