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Dramawise Reimagined
$45.45 ex GST
$49.99 inc GST

Dramawise Reimagined

Learning to manage the elements of drama

Brad Haseman/John O'Toole

The international best seller is back, bigger and better than ever. This revised edition brings the contents completely up to date with the new Arts Curriculum.

Dramawise Reimagined specifically addresses ‘The Elements of Drama’, the first component of essential knowledge for Drama in the Australian Curriculum: The Arts.

Thirty years ago the authors first showed that all dramas are made up of the same elements and set them out in a clear pedagogic order where they could be explored and learned through dramatic action. The new book revisits and expands upon those elements, reframes them for twenty-first century education, and reimagines them for teachers and students
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-589-9 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Drover's Wife, The
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Drover's Wife, The

Leah Purcell

Shortlisted for Best Drama in the 2017 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards

Tarantino meets Deadwood in this full-throttle drama of our colonial past, written by the indomitable Leah Purcell.

Henry Lawson’s story of the Drover’s Wife pits the stoic silhouette of a woman against the unforgiving Australian landscape, staring down a serpent – it’s our frontier myth captured in a few pages. In Leah’s new play the old story gets a very fresh rewrite. Once again the Drover’s Wife is confronted by a threat in her yard in Australia’s high country, but now it’s a man. He’s bleeding, he’s got secrets, and he’s black. She knows there’s a fugitive wanted for killing whites, and the district is thick with troopers, but something’s holding the Drover’s Wife back from turning this fella in…

A taut thriller of our pioneering past, The Drover’s Wife is full of fury, power and has a black sting to the tail, reaching from our nation’s infancy into our complicated present. 


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Cast : 1F, 7M doubling possible
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-571-4 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Endangered: Three Plays
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Endangered: Three Plays

Justine Campbell/Sarah Hamilton et al.


Three plays that make a powerful statement on Australia’s relationship with the environment in the shadow of global warming.

They Saw a Thylacine by Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton

Out of the darkness, Justine Campbell and Sarah Hamilton conjure the ghost of one of Australia’s lost beauties, the thylacine. With all the suspense of a campfire story, these feisty, funny women weave a lyrical tale of adversity and extinction. For this thylacine tracker and this zoo keeper’s daughter, it’s a quest not just to protect a threatened creature, but themselves. Rebellious and gutsy, these women face life and fight to survive.

Extinction by Hannie Rayson

Extinction delves deep into the heart of our own morals, choices and tightly-held convictions. Extinction wraps an important conservation message around a unique and personal human story. A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. Both are hell-bent on saving the species, but intentions are murky. What will be compromised in the quest to save the quoll? Nothing is black and white in this intriguing story about love, sex, money and power.

The Honey Bees by Caleb Lewis

As the world’s honeybees disappear, a family-owned apiary struggles to keep up with overseas demand. Driven by matriarch Joan’s iron will, the business continues to grow. And then Melissa arrives out of the blue. The Honey Bees is a tale of Family and Empire; Action and Consequences; and what happens when the bee finally stings.


Currency Press | 978-1-92500-587-5 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Girl Asleep
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Girl Asleep

Matthew Whittet
Caught in the headlights of her 15th birthday, Greta wishes she could be anywhere else. And strangely enough ‘anywhere else’ is exactly where she finds herself – a peculiar Through-the-Looking-Glass existence that transforms the weird hypocrisy of the adult world into something absurdly beautiful. The bitchy twins who make school a misery, her almost too-romantic imaginary boyfriend, her hyperventilating parents… they all crop up in her tour of her own subconscious. But eventually, even a girl asleep has to wake up.

From the wry, warm and wonderfully distinctive voice of Matthew Whittet comes a play about being lost in the jungle of teenagerdom and coming out the other side.

Cast : 10F, 5M + extras (doubling possible)
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-572-1 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Muff / MinusOneSister / SHIT
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Muff / MinusOneSister / SHIT

Van Badham/Anna Barnes/Patricia Cornelius


Three confronting and provocative plays about women.

Muff by Van Badham

Winner of the 2014 NSW Premier’s Award, the Nick Enright Award for Playwriting, Muff explores women, sex and relationships; a horrific, random rape of a young woman and the threads from this event that continue to wrap and bind their way into lives years after the physical injuries have healed.

MinusOneSister by Anna Barnes

Sophocles’ Electra is furiously wrenched into the present and told from the point of view of the teenagers. Eternal obsessions mingle with the obsessions of our times, bloodshed goes hand in hand with Bacardi Breezers and Facebook, and a chilling portrait emerges of a family irreversibly shattered by grief and guilt.

Shit by Patricia Cornelius

Shit takes us into the world of three women–Billy, Bobby and Sam–three women from a violent, impoverished underclass who have landed in prison together after a vicious incident. These are the underbelly of womenhood we as a society so rarely want to admit exist.

The work of Patricia Cornelius is being featured at the Sydney Festival this year.  Shit is in production at the Seymour Centre and there are readings of two of her plays, Love and Slut also at the Seymour Centre.  As an added bonus Patricia will be in conversation with Wesley Enoch where she'll discuss the role of women in theatre and how to make theatre that packs a punch. 

Currency Press | 978-1-76062-000-4 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Not in the Script
$27.26 ex GST
$29.99 inc GST

Not in the Script

Performance Monologues from Unexpected Places

John McCallum/Jenny Nicholls

After creation, Eve begins a journal.

King David’s son discovers the eagle’s egg.

A soldier recalls the face of his dead comrade.

An Iraqi woman speaks of fear and pride.

A Wongaibon woman finds family, country and a scruffy dog.

Dalit poetry defies poverty and marginalisation.

An intersex youth claims true identity.

‘In any piece worth performing there is something happening underneath that is not in the script.’

This monologue collection offers up a challenge: to perform with voices that aren’t from play scripts. Working instead from fiction, non-fiction and poetry, these pieces are a fresh and sharp source of material for performance, auditions and workshops. Unusual sources provide the actor or drama student with a new array of monologue possibilities.

The characters range from lovers in the King James Bible to a sci-fi Artificial Intelligence unit navigating gender identities between planets. Classic sources include Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Ulysses and The Bell Jar and work from Beckett, Kafka and Mark Twain. Strong contemporary monologues come from work by Raymond Carver, Miranda July, Elena Ferrante, Jeffrey Eugenides, Alice Munro and David Sedaris. Australian voices speak in iconic moments from Jasper Jones and John Marsden’s Tomorrow series and from definitive work by David Malouf, Elizabeth Jolley, Geraldine Brooks, Morris Gleitzman, Jeanine Leane, Gayle Kennedy and Alice Pung.

These monologues speak from moments of radical change and subtle exploration. Beneath each is a well-crafted literary work with its own world of characters, conflicts and tension: we invite you to look beyond the script.


Currency Press | 978-1-92500-583-7 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Strategic Plan, A
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Strategic Plan, A

Ross Mueller


Feel like you’re drowning in paperwork? Beaten by the impenetrable weight of office bureaucracy? Adrift in a sea of jargon? You’re not alone.

Andrew, former rock muso and new CEO of youth music organisation, STACCATO, was parachuted in to save the company from oblivion. Mission accomplished, he’s setting his sights on implementing a bold, new strategic plan.

But the Board has unanimously scrapped the plan and neglected to tell Andrew, leaving him adrift in a world of KPIs, performance reviews and a General Manager who refuses to return from his holiday in Thailand.

A Strategic Plan is a contemporary satire about office life, arts funding and the perils of following your heart. Hilarious, pointed and painfully observant, it’s sure to cut close to the bone for anyone who’s ever tried to make a difference at work.

Currency Press | 978-1-76062-007-3 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
The School Drama Book
$45.45 ex GST
$49.99 inc GST

The School Drama Book

Drama, Literature and Literacy in the Creative Classroom

Robyn Ewing, AM/John Nicholas Saunders

School Drama is a professional learning program for primary school teachers, which focuses on the power of using drama and literature to improve English and literacy in young learners.

School Drama was developed by the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) in 2009, in partnership with The University of Sydney. It has been acclaimed by Australian and international critics, and is now a cornerstone of the STC’s Education program.

This book is a comprehensive School Drama resource. It includes:

  • A summary of how drama and literature enhance literacy
  • An explanation of the School Drama approach and methodology
  • Learning outcomes from the School Drama program so far
  • Exploration of the art and pedagogy of drama (via elements, devices, and roles)
  • 22 classroom dramas: each comprised of a series of workshops that progress through common themes and texts.

The School Drama Book is essential reading for teachers and theatre practitioners who want to educate confidently with drama, either through the STC’s School Drama program or on their own. It uses drama as a critical pedagogy, and encourages learning through activities, rather than teaching ‘about’ the texts. This approach has been shown to develop rich imaginations and creative capacities for the future.

Includes a foreword by Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton.

   eBook available from


Currency Press | 978-1-92500-534-9 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Torrents, The
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Torrents, The

Oriel Gray

'A printing office of a newspaper is no place for a member of the female sex.'

1890s, regional Australia.

Koolgalla is a gold town, but the gold rush is beginning to wane. In the office of the Koolgalla Argus, the editors must decide between protecting old interests and investing in the farmland of the future. The new editorial assistant, J. G. Milford, arrives—but it turns out the ‘J’ stands for Jenny.

The Torrents is a forgotten classic. In 1955 it was the co-winner, with Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, of the Playwrights’ Advisory Board’s award for Best Play. Yet while Lawler’s play is considered a defining feature of Australian theatre, The Torrents is underappreciated and was perhaps ahead of its time. Currency Press is proud to re-publish this crucial work, whose themes of media chauvinism, environmental destruction and corrupt powers are chillingly relevant today.

Features a new introduction by Anne-Louise Sarks.

Cast : 2F, 11M
Currency Press | 978-1-92500-595-0 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB