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100 Great Plays for Women
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100 Great Plays for Women

Lucy Kerbel
In this important, landmark survey, director and writer Lucy Kerbel dispels the myth that ‘there aren’t any good plays for women’.

Governed by the criteria that the plays included feature entirely or predominantly female casts, and that the female characters take an equal or decisive role in driving the on-stage action, the result is a personal but wide-ranging reappraisal of the theatrical canon, a snapshot of the very best writing that has female protagonists at its heart.

100 Great Plays for Women is an essential resource for all directors and producers looking for plays to stage, writers seeking inspiration and actors trying to track down a new audition piece.
Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-84842-185-1 | Sales Rights: Aust/NZ only | PB
Ayub Khan Din Plays: One
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$34.95 inc GST

Ayub Khan Din Plays: One

Ayub Khan Din burst onto the theatre scene with East is East, a play about modern multi-racial families that the Guardian called ‘a bona fide classic’. This first volume of his collected work contains that play plus two other original plays that followed and his adaptation of the cult book and film To Sir, with Love.

The early plays published here alongside his award-winning debut are: Notes on Falling Leaves, a poignant elegiac drama about mothers and sons; All the Way Home, a funny sad, play about a family gathering for the final hours of their dying sibling; and To Sir, with Love, a warm and uplifting stage adaptation of the autobiography of E.R. Braithwaite, made into the famous 1960s film starring Sidney Poitier and Lulu.
Nick Hern Book, Uk | 978-1-84842-424-1 | PB
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$21.95 inc GST


E.V. Crowe
Six of the UK’s most exciting female playwrights expose the realities of a life trapped within the criminal justice system.

Bursting out of the theatre and performed in the bars, churches, restaurants and stairwells of Soho, Charged presents heartbreaking untold stories of women and the criminal justice system.  Provocative and challenging, it will be a unique theatrical event, and one of the highlights of the autumn’s theatre season.

Written for Clean Break – a theatre company working with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system – Charged comprises six short new plays, published together in one volume. It follows on from the company’s recent successes, Chloë Moss’s This Wide Night (winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Award) and It Felt Empty When The Heart Went At First But It Is Alright Now.

Cast : various
Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-84842-129-5 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Chekhov: 4 Plays
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Chekhov: 4 Plays

Drama Classics: The World's Great Plays at a Great Little Price

Anton Chekhov (Translated by Stephen Mulrine)
Anton Chekhov's four greatest plays in one volume - in sensitive, accurate and much-performed translations by Stephen Mulrine. With an extensive introduction, including biographical notes and suggestions for further reading.
The plays —The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya —are also available in single editions. Click on the individual titles above for plot details, and further information.
Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-845-5 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Churchill Plays: 3
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$34.99 inc GST

Churchill Plays: 3

Caryl Churchill

Spanning almost ten years and embracing a remarkable range of style and subject matter, this third volume of Churchill's Collected Plays contains Icecream , Mad Forest, The Skriker, Thyestes , Lives of the Great Poisoners and A Mouthful of Birds. Introduced by the author.

Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-342-9 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Churchill Plays: 4
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Churchill Plays: 4

Caryl Churchill
Published to mark her 70th birthday – the fourth volume of the collected plays of one of the best playwrights alive.

After the music-theatre piece, Hotel, from 1997, Churchill charted a course in This is a Chair, Blue Heart (both also premiered in 1997) and Far Away (2000) towards an increasingly extreme and unsettling mix of surrealism and a passionate engagement with big issues. A Number (2002) and Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? (2006) are less surreal but more overtly political, dealing respectively with cloning and with the Anglo-US axis. The volume ends with her version of Strindberg’s A Dream Play made for the National Theatre in 2005. Churchill, who rarely writes about her work and will not give interviews, has contributed a specially written introduction.

Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-540-9 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Churchill: Shorts
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$34.99 inc GST

Churchill: Shorts

Caryl Churchill

Ten short plays for stage, radio and TV, selected by Caryl Churchill, opening up a little-known aspect of her writing, and demonstrating her considerable versatility and breadth of concern.


Abortive (Radio 3, 1971)

The After-Dinner Joke (BBC TV, 1978)

The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution

Hot Fudge (Royal Court Theatre, 1989)

The Judge's Wife (BBC TV, 1972)

Lovesick (Radio 3, 1967)

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen (Radio 3, 1971)

Schreber's Nervous Illness (Radio 3, 1972)


Three More Sleepless Nights (Soho Poly Theatre, 1980)

Includes an introduction by the author.

Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-085-5 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Conor McPherson Three Plays
$31.81 ex GST
$34.99 inc GST

Conor McPherson Three Plays

Conor McPherson
This volume of Conor McPherson's collected plays, covering a decade of writing, celebrates a fascination with the uncanny which has led him to be described as 'quite possibly the finest playwright of his generation' (New York Times).

In Shining City, a man seeks help from a counsellor, claiming to have seen the ghost of his dead wife. The play, premiered at the Royal Court, London, is 'up there with The Weir, moving, compassionate, ingenious and absolutely gripping' (Daily Telegraph).

The Seafarer, premiered at the National Theatre before going on to become a Tony Award-winning Broadway hit, tells the story of an extended Christmas Eve card game, but one played for the highest stakes possible. 'McPherson proves yet again he is both a born yarn-spinner and an acute analyst of the melancholy Irish manhood' (Guardian).

Set in 'the big house' in 1820s rural Ireland, The Veil is McPherson's first period play. Seventeen-year-old Hannah is to be married off in order to settle the debts of the crumbling estate. But when Reverend Berkeley arrives, determined to orchestrate a séance, chaos is unleashed. 'A cracking fireside tale of haunting and decay' (The Times).

The Birds, hauntingly adapted from the short story by Daphne du Maurier, is 'deliciously chilling, claustrophobic, questioning, frightening; and with a twist' (Irish Independent). It is published here for the first time, as is The Dance of Death, a new version of Strindberg's classic, which premiered at the Trafalgar Studios in London. 'A spectacularly bleak yet curiously bracing drama that often makes you laugh out loud' (Daily Telegraph).

Completing the volume is a Foreword by the author.


Cast : 1F, 3M (Shinging City); 5M (The Seafarer); 5F, 3M (The Veil); 2F, 2M (The Birds); 1F, 2M (The Dance of Death)
Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-84842-209-4 | PB
Contingency Plan, The
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST

Contingency Plan, The

On the Beach & Resilience

Steve Waters

A double bill of plays from the front line of climate change - an epic portrait of an England of the near future, in the grip of unprecedented and catastrophic floods.

Impressive in scale and chilling as a prediction of our immediate future, the two plays are complementary but can also stand alone.

On the Beach
Will Paxton, a glaciologist, returns from months in Antarctica to tell his parents that he will take up a role within Government. Thirty years ago, his father silenced his own radical thinking on climate change. Yet behind the reunion with his father lies thirty years of secrecy and bitterness. As the truth surfaces, the family is torn apart, and Will's parents must face the rising tide alone.

The Tory Government that has just come to power wants radical answers to the imminent floods. Their newly appointed expert, Will Paxton, puts an extreme scenario on the table: England, from its coastline to its capital, faces catastrophe.

An urgent wake-up call... for sheer emotional intensity, has no rival on the London stage... Waters' massive achievement is to have made the most important issue of our times into engrossing theatre  -   Guardian

Cast : 3-4M, 2-3F (cast size for a double bill)
Nick Hern  | 978-1-84842-052-6 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Crack in the Emerald: New Irish Plays
$33.63 ex GST
$36.99 inc GST

Crack in the Emerald: New Irish Plays

D. Grant (ed.)
A classic collection of new Irish playwriting from the end of the 1980s.

The volume contains:

The Lament for Arthur Cleary by Dermot Bolger
'A love-poem to the City of Dublin, to its people, its streets, its housing estates, but above all to the indomitable Dublin spirit that is as unique as it is indefinable'  -  Sunday Tribune

Low in the Dark by Marina Carr
A mother and daughter bicker over who has just given birth; a couple discuss building walls and baking buns in the oven; and a man gets pregnant. This witty absurdist play by one of Ireland's leading woman playwrights dismantles the myths of motherhood and exposes the sexism of language and religious imagery.

Misogynist by Michael Harding
Written by 'one of the most significant new Irish writers of his generation' -  Sunday Times, and strongly influenced by religious and folk ritual, this near-monologue, full of erotic imagery, offers the opportunity for a tour-de-force for a male actor.

The Hamster Wheel by Marie Jones.
When one partner in a marriage becomes unable to look after themselves and is completely dependent on the other, what happens to the relationship between them? This play covers an issue which is seldom talked about and creates 'a  powerful, wholly theatrical experience' -  Irish Times

Cast : The Lament for Arthur Cleary - 3M, 2F ; Low in the Dark - 2M, 3F ; Misogynist - 1M, 1F + optional female chorus ; The Hamster Wheel - 2M, 3F
Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-237-8 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB