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Art of Invective, The
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Art of Invective, The

Selected Non-Fiction 1953-1994

Dennis Potter

Dennis Potter (1935-94) was Britain’s leading television dramatist for almost thirty years and remains an inspiration to today’s programme makers as a result of such ground-breaking work as Pennies from Heaven, Blue Remembered Hills and The Singing Detective. But he also engaged with his audience through reviews, journalism, interviews, broadcasts and speeches. The Art of Invective, the first collection of its kind, brings together some of his finest non-fiction work.

Published to mark 80 years since Potter’s birth, this book includes his merciless television columns, penetrating literary criticism and angry writings on class and politics, as well as his sketches for sixties satire shows including That Was the Week That Was. From Frost-Nixon to Coronation Street, David Hare to Doctor Who, Orwell to Emu, this collection shows Potter’s distinctive voice at its entertaining, thought-provoking and uncompromising best.

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78319-203-8 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
BALL, and Other Funny Stories About Cancer
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$22.95 inc GST

BALL, and Other Funny Stories About Cancer

Brian Lobel
BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer is a trilogy of works that challenge the well-known stories of cancer survivors and cancer martyrs that have come before. Sometimes inappropriate, often salacious and always funny, BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer is, above all else, honest and open. 

Cast : 1M
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-168-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Bean: Plays Four
$29.05 ex GST
$31.95 inc GST

Bean: Plays Four

The Heretic/ The Big Fellah/ England People Very Nice

Richard Bean

The new collection from Richard Bean, one of Britain’s leading playwrights, features:

THE HERETIC (Winner of the 2011 Evening Standard Theatre Best New Play Award)

'...delicious… Above all, though, it is Bean’s writing that scintillates. Pulsing with shrewd humour, it’s risqué and linguistically rich... entertaining theatre. 4 stars'  Evening Standard


' Bean’s play is very funny, full of sharp contrasts between grim hilarity and gut-wrenching reversals.'   The Stage


'A very funny but outrageous comedy…makes you laugh then wonder whether you should have.'   Financial Times

Cast : 3F, 3M; 5F, 6M; 7F, 15
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-493-5 | Australia/NZ only | PB
Benedict Andrews: Collected Plays
$36.35 ex GST
$39.99 inc GST

Benedict Andrews: Collected Plays

Benedict Andrews

Benedict Andrews is an internationally renowned theatre and opera director, a film-maker and a poet. This volume presents the first collection of original plays by a theatre-maker at the top of his game. Includes the plays Like A Sun, Every Breath, The Stars, Geronimo and Gloria.

With an introduction by Marius von Mayenburg.


‘A bracingly original vision: [Andrews] turns the play inside out, bashes it around, and drops in anachronisms, yet his approach yields revelatory results...  moving and absorbing.’  Evening Standard  on Three Sisters.

'Everyone wants to work with him … He shakes up a company with his energy. His rehearsal rooms are muscular – brutal, even – but he loves being surprised … he has an incredible visual sense and he can wrestle any text to the ground.'  Cate Blanchett on Benedict Andrews, Sydney Morning Herald

'Benedict Andrews is one of the original imaginations of Australian theatre. For ten years now he has been applying his complex startling vision to some of our dramatic literature, as well as illumination new writing, both nationally and internationally. His work is marked by the intense and fragile beauty of its imagery and the sense of deep metaphor lying beneath the narrative surface. In an artform that needs to be both popular and pragmatic, Benedict manages to remain that rare thing: a poet.’ Neil Armfield

Cast : 7M, 4F / 2M, 3F / 1M, 1F / 3M / 4M, 3F
Oberon Books Ltd, UK | 978-1-78319-945-7 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Black Lives, Black Words
$36.35 ex GST
$39.99 inc GST

Black Lives, Black Words

Reginald Edmund (Editor)

Selected and edited by the award-winning American playwright Reginald Edmund, who produced Black Lives, Black Words across the US, which premiered in Chicago, July 2015.

The international project has explored the black diaspora’s experiences in some of the largest multicultural cities in the world, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Toronto and London. Over sixty Black writers from the UK, USA, and Canada have each written a short play to address Black issues today.

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78682-151-5 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Boguslaw Schaeffer: An Anthology
$27.23 ex GST
$29.95 inc GST

Boguslaw Schaeffer: An Anthology

Boguslaw Schaeffer (translated by Magda Romanska)

This anthology of plays by Boguslaw Schaeffer, a Polish playwright, composer, musicologist and graphic designer, includes his most frequently performed works: The Monologue for One Actor (1976 ), Quartet for Four Actors (1979), and Scenario for Three Actors (1987).

The plays are examples of Instrumental Theatre. They are carefully structured and employ cyclical repetitions, and codes.  Schaeffer’s most famous instrumental play, The Quartet for Four Actor, has been so successful that it has been staged by practically every Polish theatre. Monologue for One Actor, opened in 1976 & has since been staged over 1,500 times around the world. During its 40 - year run, it has won many awards, including the 1995 Grand Prix at New York’s Theatre Festival. Winner of many prestigious international awards Scenario for Three Actors, has also been a permanent fixture in many Polish theatres since its premiere.

A universal artist, unafraid to explore a range of fields, forms, and subject matter, Schaeffer creates theatre that is guided by the rules of musical composition, and it defies previous, established conventions and techniques, surprising its audiences with innovative and invigorating form and style. 

Cast : 1M; 4M; 3M
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-464-5 | Sales: Australia/NZ only | PB
Collected Works for Performance
$22.72 ex GST
$24.99 inc GST

Collected Works for Performance

Hannah Nicklin

The first collected works of Hannah Nicklin: a writer, game designer and performance maker experimenting with social engaged practices and storytelling in contemporary performance. This collection brings together three pieces made in collaboration with a series of other artists, musicians and people in the street, from 2012 to 2015. There is an introduction and commentary on each performance text, plus additional materials provided by collaborators, expanding and reflecting on the work, and how each piece was made.

A Conversation with my Father
“[…] as topical in these days of police ‘kettling’ and undercover provocateurs as it might be timeless in its questioning of the basis of a functioning civic society.” – Wayne Burrows

Songs for Breaking Britain
“[…] defies the media’s lucrative monopoly on our narratives […] funny, compassionate, heart-breaking and very, very loud.” – Catherine Love

Equations for a Moving Body
“So interesting, engaging and relatable. Beautifully human.” – Audience feedback in Newcastle

Cast : 1F, 1M / 1F, 2 musicians / 1F
Oberon Books Ltd, UK | 978-1-78319-736-  | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Craig Higginson: Plays One
$36.35 ex GST
$39.99 inc GST

Craig Higginson: Plays One

Dream of the Dog, The Girl in the Yellow Dress, The Imagined Land

Craig Higginson
The first collection of plays from the acclaimed author and playwright. Includes Dream of the Dog, The Girl in the Yellow Dress, The Imagined Land and The Red Door.


'This gripping two-hander is a highlight of the Traverse programme. Higginson packs a lot in under the seemingly innocuous guise of a young English woman giving language lessons to a French-Congolese student in contemporary Paris.'  Evening Standard on Girl in the Yellow Dress 

'Higginson is clearly gifted. He not only filters pressing concerns about race, prejudice and power through a highly charged two-hander, but he wraps it all up in a witty discourse about language itself.'  Daily Telegraph on Girl in the Yellow Dress

Cast : 2F, 2M / 1F, 1M / 2F, 1M.
Oberon Books Ltd, UK | 978-1-78319-724-8 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Crouch: Plays One
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST

Crouch: Plays One

Tim Crouch
This new collection pulls together for the first time, the finest work from controversial English dramatist Tim Crouch, included in the volume is:

The Author
Settle back into your seat. Relax as the story unfolds. For you. With you. Of you. A story of hope,violence and exploitation. You’re here…. Joint winner of the 2010 John Whiting Award, and winner of a Total Theatre award for innovation The Author has shocked and amazed audiences the world over since it was first performed in 2009. From protest walkouts to 5star reviews, The Author is controversial, but unforgettable.

The grateful recipient of a heart transplant travels 4000 miles to thank the widow of the donor and to present her with a very special gift. But much more than a life has been lost. England tells a compelling story for our times - a disturbing tale of transactions and translations, of culture and commerce, of one thing being placed inside another without thought for the consequences.

An Oak Tree
A man loses his daughter to a car. Nothing now is what it is. It's like he's in a play - but he doesn't know the words or the moves. The man who was driving the car is a stage hypnotist. Since the accident he's lost the power of suggestion. For the first time since the accident, these two men meet. They meet when the Father volunteers for the Hypnotist's act. And, this time, he really doesn’t know the words or the moves... Winner of a Village Voice Obie for its autumn 2006 Off-Broadway run.

My Arm
At the age of ten, for want of anything more meaningful to do, I put my arm above my head and kept it there. Now thirty years on, I'm so full of meaning it's killing me. My Arm attempts to provoke questions about the qualitative distinctions between viewing theatre and viewing visual art.


Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-109-5 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Dea Loher Collected Plays
$25.41 ex GST
$27.95 inc GST

Dea Loher Collected Plays

Dea Loher (Translated by David Tushingham)

Dea Loher is one of the most powerful and individual voices in German theatre today.

This volume brings together three of her plays to be performed in English.

Olga’s Room

Communist. Jew. Revolutionary. Lover. Mother. Olga Benario’s story is a searing tale of survival as alongside her fellow prisoners she struggles to hold onto her disintegrating sense of self. Based on real events of the 1930s-40s, Dea Loher’s gripping first play spans Brazilian revolution and Nazi dictatorship.


A city by the sea. Fourteen people on the edge. Illegal immigrants afraid of being arrested for a good deed. A philosopher who burns her own books. A woman seeking forgiveness for crimes she didn’t commit. A young married man who finds fulfilment laying out corpses. A blind stripper who spends her life being watched by men she cannot see. Innocence is a darkly comic panorama of urban restlessness.

Land Without Words

War meets art in this intimate parable. A painter seeks the perfect image, but in K., a Middle Eastern city, she experiences the effects of war, violence and poverty, impossible to depict. Now she is forced to confront her lifelong beliefs in the value of art, and how to deal with her position in the world today.

Cast : 3F, 1M, extras
Oberon Books UK | 978-1-78319-062-1 | Sales Rights: Aust/NZ only | PB