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Adebayo: Collected Plays
$27.23 ex GST
$29.95 inc GST

Adebayo: Collected Plays

Moj of the Antarctic / Desert Boy / Matt Henson: North Star / Muhammad Ali and Me

Mojisola Adebayo
This collection of plays from Mojisola Adebayo, actor, writer, director, producer, workshop facilitator and teacher, signals the emergence of a distinctive new voice on the British theatre landscape. 

Plays included in this collection are:

Moj of the Antarctic  
Inspired by the true story of an African American woman who cross-dresses as a white man to escape slavery; taken on a fantastical odyssey to Antarctica.

Desert Boy
A time-travelling a capella muscial, offers a sharp twist on the subject of knife crime, black youth and absent fathers.

Matt Henson, North Star 
A biographical tale of Arctic betrayal, mixed with Greenlandic folk tales; all about love, climate and change.

Muhammad Ali and Me  
A lyrical coming of age story, following the parallel struggles of a gay girl growing up in foster care and a black Muslim boxing hero’s fight against racism and the Vietnam war.

These plays queer the boundaries of sex and race, fact and fiction, history and geography, poetry and politics to illuminate contemporary themes through a dynamic African Diasporic theatrical aesthetic that leaps off the page.

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-075-3 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Another World
$21.81 ex GST
$23.99 inc GST

Another World

Losing Our Children to Islamic State

Gillian Slovo

The new verbatim drama from the pioneering team behind Guantanamo: Honour Bound to Defend Freedom.

Over the last twelve months headlines have been dominated by the growth of Islamic State, and terror attacks claimed by IS have spread across the world.

What is the entity that calls itself Islamic State? Why are some young Muslim men and women from across Western Europe leaving their homes to answer the call of Jihad? And what should we do about it?

This piece of verbatim documentary theatre, written by novelist Gillian Slovo using material from the interviews she conducted and directed by Nicolas Kent, is the result of many months researching Islamic State, meeting people affected by the organization and involved in the fight against it.

Cast : 10M, 5F, 4U (doubling possible)
Oberon Books Ltd, UK | 978-1-78319-755-2 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Black T-Shirt Collection
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST

Black T-Shirt Collection

Inua Ellams
The wild things they did with those tees. Some held together by wooden pins. Some strung to wear just once. Some of long thin detachable sleeves...

A T-shirt is something most people have. It is a common denominator like a pair of blue jeans or a pair of Converse All Stars. From Fringe First winner Inua Ellams, comes a new story about two foster brothers building a global t-shirt brand. On their journey from a market in Nigeria to a sweatshop in China, Matthew and Muhammed discover the consequences of success. The play tackles capitalism and exploitation, as well as sectarianism and homophobia in modern day Nigeria.

"Ellams' evocative writing conjures a Nigeria where myth and magic sit casually alongside everyday life." The Guardian

Cast : 1M (multiple characters)
Oberon Books UK | 978-1-84943-191-0 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Bucket List
$21.81 ex GST
$23.99 inc GST

Bucket List

Nir Paldi
Bucket List tells the story of the fight for justice against the effects of the corrupt capitalist regime in Mexico affecting some of the world's poorest and most defenceless people.

When her mother is murdered for protesting corporate and governmental corruption, Milagros finds herself with only a bloodstained list of those responsible. Determined to make them pay, Milagros embarks on a passionate quest for justice, no matter the cost.
Cast : 23 characters played by 5 women
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78682-129-4 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Deep Heat
$21.77 ex GST
$23.95 inc GST

Deep Heat

Encounters with the Famous, the Infamous and the Unknown

Robin Soans

Groundbreaking verbatim dramatist Robin Soans presents a new collection of monologues based on conversations he has had or overheard, or which are edited versions of interviews that he has conducted in the course of research for his plays. Faced with the frustration of having to leave out material from his plays, because it was too long or didn’t fit into the general scheme of things, Deep Heat now allows those voices to speak in full.

Subjects range from people who have held high office to others who have tried to blow those people up; from those who live in large country houses to others whose home is two blankets and a pile of leaves in the corner of a disused garage. Includes extracts from interviews with Jonathan Aitken, Edwina Currie, Hala Jaber – the only western journalist at the fall of Fallujah, and Sharon Wilkinson, the leader of the BNP in Burnley at the time that the BNP won its first county council seat in England.

Threaded throughout with comedy these monologues expose the complexity and fragility of life: they show just how ‘un-ordinary’ we all are, and how the best way to further our self-knowledge is by sympathetically examining the lives of others.

These plays will appeal to the historian and sociologist in all of us, and to those who know that there is more to a situation than the version handed down by duplicitous governments. Attention to detail - the detail in which we recognise ourselves and are therefore willing to go on the journey – is what makes these monologues relevant to us all.

'A splendid source of new solo pieces that work brilliantly in those drama school showcases... an enlightening read.'  Susan Elkin, The Stage

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-090-6 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST


Lyrics by Rokia Traoré and a Foreword by Peter Sellars

Toni Morrison

The story of Desdemona from Shakespeare's Othello is re-imagined by Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison, Malian singer and songwriter Rokia Traoré, and acclaimed stage director Peter Sellars.

Morrison's response to Sellars’ 2009 production of Othello is an intimate dialogue of words and music between Desdemona and her African nurse Barbary. Morrison gives voice and depth to the female characters, letting them speak and sing in the fullness of their hearts.

Desdemona is an extraordinary narrative of words, music and song about Shakespeare’s doomed heroine, who speaks from the grave about the traumas of race, class, gender, war—and the transformative power of love. Toni Morrison transports one of the most iconic, central, and disturbing treatments of race in Western culture into the new realities and potential outcomes facing a rising generation of the 21st century.

Cast : 1F, 6 Vocalists
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-389-1 | Sales: Australia/NZ only | PB
Fanta Orange
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST

Fanta Orange

Sally Woodcock
Inspired by a real-life Amnesty International report,  Fanta Orange  is a colourful and unexpected tale that gets under the skin of modern Africa. Regina is a Kenyan house servant. Roger is her white farmer boss. The two share a curious bond. Enter Ronnie, a privileged young English girl whom Roger discovers holed up in the bush, studying the bizarre practice of dirt-eating among local tribes. Soon both women are pregnant and a saga unfolds which turns every racial and sexual preconception on its head.

Completely convincing... the tense plot slowly unfurling in a way that disturbs and satisfies in equal measure. The pace is fast and the handling of complex ideas is deft and impressive. Rich, enjoyable and powerful writing. -  What'sOnStage

Cast : 1M, 2F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-196-5 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
For The Reckord: a collection of three plays
$26.32 ex GST
$28.95 inc GST

For The Reckord: a collection of three plays

Flesh to a Tiger / Skyvers / The White Witch

Barry Reckord
Barry Reckord was among the first modern Caribbean playwrights to have work produced in England, in a period when black writing was being ‘discovered’ there, and yet his place in the history of black playwriting in the United Kingdom goes almost unrecognised. Until now.

His first play Della (1953) under the title Flesh to a Tiger was produced at the Royal Court in 1958. He wrote several more plays for the Royal Court in the late 1950s and early 1960s. His achievements laid a solid foundation for later emerging Caribbean playwrights such as Trinidadian Mustafa Matura, Guyanese Michael Abbensetts and Jamaican Alfred Fagon in the 1970’s, all of whom appreciated how well Reckord’s work had paved their way forward.

This is the first complete volume of Reckord plays featuring three plays from a different decade: Della, Skyvers, and The White Witch, each with an introduction by a prominent authority on the subject or author.

For the Reckord  is a fascinating volume which gives people the opportunity to read and learn from Reckord’s work, and enjoy the sophistication and insight of his delivery, characterisation, politics and plot.

Cast : Della - 6M, 5F + children & musicians; Skyvers - 8M, 2F; The White Witch - 8M, 4F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-053-1 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Future Conditional
$22.72 ex GST
$24.99 inc GST

Future Conditional

Tamsin Oglesby
Future Conditional tackles the nightmare of British schooling through a myriad of characters including parents, teachers, and Alia, a prodigiously bring young Pakistani refugee and the newest member of the Education Commission. Alia has a radical solution for Britain’s schools that could restore their place in the world education league. But is the system ready to take lessons from a schoolgirl…?

'a real cracker...The debates will be familiar to many of us. But Oglesby has given them new life in a fast and furious play that crackles with intellectual energy.'  Guardian
Cast : 14F, 9M musicians
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78319-919-8 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
Girl in the Yellow Dress, The
$19.95 ex GST
$21.95 inc GST

Girl in the Yellow Dress, The

Craig Higginson
South African writer Craig Higginson’s powerful new play is a dark, witty and sexually-charged psychological drama told through the eyes of a beautiful English teacher and her French-Congolese pupil.

A ‘state of the nation’ exploration of the tensions between the first and third worlds the play explores issues around language, power, identity, sex, past trauma, class, exile and refugees.

Higginson is clearly gifted. He not only filters pressing concerns about race, prejudice and power through a highly charged two-hander, but he wraps it all up in a witty discourse about language itself.  -  Daily Telegraph

Cast : 1M, 1F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-082-1 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB