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From the creators of Children of the Black Skirt comes a contemporary tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Each night two hoods ride a train to a wrecking yard on the outskirts of the city. Here, in this cemetery of stories, they are storytellers with the power to fast forward, pause and rewind. Tonight, they tell the story of three kids left in a car.

Rewind. It’s Friday, KFC night and the last day of school before Christmas. Kyle, Jessie and baby brother Troy are waiting in the car for their mum. As night approaches the car park takes on a dark and sinister aspect filled with strange and familiar characters. The shopping centre closes, Mum still hasn’t returned and the baby won’t stop crying.

Exploring issues of poverty and family violence, Hoods is a suburban tale of survival and solidarity against the odds.

Cast : 1M, 1F

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-800-2 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB


ANGELA BETZIEN is an award-winning playwright. Her work includes Dog Wins Lotto (Queensland Theatre Company, 1997), Playboy of the Working Class (Queensland Theatre Company, 2001), The Suitcase (Real TV/Stage X Festival, 2001), Princess of Suburbia (Real TV, 2001), Kingswood Kids (La Boite Theatre, 2002), The Orphanage Project (Queensland Theatre Company, 2003), Children of the Black Skirt (Queensland Arts Council and Real TV, 2003) Hoods (Sydney Opera House:Ed and Regional Arts Victoria, 2006) Girl Who Cried Wolf (Arena Theatre, 2008, Windmill Theatre, 2011) The Dark Room (Black Swan, 2009), The Teenage Alchemist (Camp Quality, 2009). In 2011 Belvoir Theatre will present the N.S.W premiere of The Dark Room. Children of the Black Skirt , Hoods and War Crimes have been published by Currency Press. Betzien was awarded the prestigious Kit Denton Fellowship at the 2012 AWGIE Awards for War Crimes, as well as the 2012 QLD Literary Award for Best Drama Script.

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