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Barker: Plays Two  

Barker: Plays Two $26.32 ex GST
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Howard Barker is one of the most significant and contraversial dramatists of his time. His plays challenge, unsettle and expose. The plays in this volume examine collisions of culture, gender and creed at moments of turmoil, developing the tragic form Barker defines as Theatre of Catastrophe.

The Castle
Set at the end of Crusades and describes the clashes that occur when returning soldiers bring an Arab architect home with them as a prisoner.

Gertrude—The Cry
Re-writing of the Hamlet story. Scarcely examined in Shakespeare, the passion of Gertrude for Claudius is made the centre of this harrowing tragedy, casting new light on the personality of Hamlet himself.

Animals in Paradise
Commissioned by the Swedish and Danish governments to celebrate their conection by bridge, a symbolic finish to centuries of antagonism. Barker's unexpected treatment of the theme provoked unrest on its first showing.

13 Objects
Movingly reveals the investment we make in inanimate things, their power to unsettle us, and how their talismanic qualities license new ways of seeing the world.   

Cast : The Castle - 11M,5F / Gertrude—The Cry - 4M,3F / Animals in Paradise - 12M,5F / 13 Objects - 20M,12F

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Howard Barker is an internationally renowned dramatist, whose first plays were performed at Royal Court Theatre and by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Since 1992 his work has been presented by his own company, The Wrestling School, Barker is also a poet and theorist of theatre, whose ‘Theatre of Catastrophe' defines a new form of tragedy for our times: ‘ Theatre of Catastrophe takes as its first principle the idea that art is not digestible. Rather, it is an irritant in consciousness, like the grain of sand in the oyster's gut…’

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