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A holiday. A time for conversation and distraction, a time to wind down and to dream...  

In a moment of relaxation and quiet reflection, two men unwittingly engage. Spontaneous, unaffected and thrillingly real, innocent discussion becomes an exploration of private fantasy, hidden anxiety, personal mythology and the most inexplicable behaviour.

What lies behind the most unconscious gesture? How do power struggles play out in the politest of exchanges? Is there hope in the blank spaces between strangers?

An extraordinary blend of performance, humour, sound, video installation and baroque song, Holiday is theatre at its most inspirational.

  • Holiday is great theatre — funny and light as air on the surface, with philosophical depths that will niggle you long after you leave. -  The Age

Cast : 2M

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-854-5 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB


RAIMONDO CORTESE graduated from the VCA School of Drama in 1993 and is a founding member of Ranters Theatre, of which he was the Artistic Director from 1994 to 2000. His plays include: Lucrezia and Cesare, The Room, The Large Breast or the Upside-Down Bell, The Fertility of Objects, Features of Blown Youth, Roulette, St Kilda Tales and The Wall. A collection of short stories, The Indestructible Corpse (Text Publishing), appeared in 1998. He has also written for film, television and radio. Cortese has exhibited in group exhibitions of visual texts in Australia and overseas, with solo shows in Melbourne and Pisa, Italy. He has also designed textual installations, including 'Salivate', for the Melbourne City Library.

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