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2401 Objects  

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In 2009 Patient H.M.’s brain is dissected live on the internet to a global audience of 400,000 people, cut into carefully preserved slices: manuscripts of tissue like the pages of a book.

In 1953 Henry Molaison emerges from experimental brain surgery without any recollection of the last two years of his life or the ability to form new memories.

In 1935 nine-year old Henry is knocked over by a bike, leaving him unconscious for five minutes. Following Analogue's critically acclaimed Mile End and Beachy Head and inspired by the world’s most important neuroscientific case-study, 2401 Objects tells the remarkable story of a man who could no longer remember, but who has proven impossible to forget.

Cast : 4M, 3F

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-195-8 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB


Analogue is a British multi-disciplinary performance company whose work is led by the directors and created collectively with Associate Artists who are invited to collaborate on new projects. Described by The Herald as the as ‘the natural heirs to Suspect Culture and Frantic Assembly’ and by the Metro as ‘visionary young company’, this theatre company is one to watch.  

By Analogue, available through Currency Press - see all