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Not at a Cinema Near You: Australia's film distribution problem

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Are Australian films really as bad as the press claims they are? Is their failure to compete with Hollywood the fault of the production team? Lauren Carroll Harris gives a resounding no: the cause is distribution. For too long, policymakers have considered only production and chronically ignored marketing, distribution and exhibition as key factors in creating demand for local films. Only nine per cent of viewings take place in the cinema, 65 per cent are accessed by DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD. Ancillary markets are no longer ancillary, they are the markets. Today’s film industry has come to depend on distribution deals for funding but the economics of the big chains make profit unattainable. Harris shows how enterprising film and documentary makers have set up their own distribution, targeted their market, kept budgets low and retained control of the profits. Digital distribution, the author concludes, is the way forward, and she has the figures to prove it.

"Lauren Carroll Harris' treatise on the state of distribution in Australia for locally produced feature films is a timely and provocative analysis of the existing structures and a powerful argument for adjustment and change in this post digital world.  Her reflections on a distribution led industry potentially replacing a production development led industry need to be seriously debated given our recent change of government and new management and key personnel at Screen Australia".  Antony I. Ginnane, Producer

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