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Jasper Jones (the play)  

Based on the novel by Craig Silvey

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It’s summer 1965 in a small, hot town in Western Australia. Overseas, war is raging in Vietnam, Civil Rights marches are on the streets, and women’s liberation is stirring – but at home in Corrigan Charlie Bucktin dreams of writing the Great Australian Novel. Charlie’s 14 and smart. But when 16-year-old, constantly-in-trouble Jasper Jones appears at his window one night, Charlie’s out of his depth. Jasper has stumbled upon a terrible crime in the scrub nearby, and he knows he’s the first suspect – that goes with the colour of his skin. He needs every ounce of Charlie’s bookish brain to help solve this awful mystery before the town turns on Jasper.

Kate Mulvany’s adaptation of Craig Silvey’s award-winning novel is wise and beautiful – it features a cast of finely drawn teenagers and grown-ups, all searching for their own kind of truth. A coming-of-age story, Jasper Jones interweaves the lives of complex individuals all struggling to find happiness among the buried secrets of a small rural community.

"Whether you know the book or not, this piercing adaptation is very much worth seeing for the way it depicts – and shows ways across – some of the deep and enduring divides in our society."  Jason Blake SMH

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Cast : 9F, 4M, doubling possible

Currency Press | 978-1-76062-004-2 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB


KATE MULVANY is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and actor. Her plays include Medea (created with Anne-Louise Sarks), The Danger Age, The Web and The Seed which is currently being developed into a feature film. Her latest play The Rasputin Affair has just been shortlisted for an AWGIE award. She adapted the much-loved children’s book by Kit Williams, Masquerade and her stage adaptation of Craig Silvey’s novel Jasper Jones was highly praised. Her stage credits include: The Literati, Tartuffe and Mr Bailey’s Minder . Her recent portrayal of Richard III for Bell Shakespeare garnered rave reviews.

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