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Petrol Jesus Nightmare #5 (In the Time of the Messiah)  

Petrol Jesus Nightmare #5 (In the Time of the Messiah) $19.96 ex GST
$21.96 inc GST

A chilling apocalyptic thriller about the violent consequences of faith and belief.

The final war is coming - but no one told the men on the ground. Holed up in a ransacked building in the heart of occupied territory, two Israeli soldiers are caught under fire: Buddy and Slomo hold their ground. But the real danger comes when two unexpected visitors take refuge: a Texan in a Stetson and the widow of a rabbi, chaperoned by the young and very unstable captain Yossariat.

'One tiny room comes to represent the complexities of Middle East politics in two hours that graphically depict the insanity and the pornography of war.'  Guardian
Cast : 1F, 4M

Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-85459-953-7 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ only  | PB


Henry Adam is a Wick-born writer who has worked extensively in youth and community theatre in the Highlands and in his native North-East Scotland. In 2003, Henry Adam's The People Next Door was the toast of the Edinburgh Festival and transferred to London.

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