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Australian Playwriting in the 20th Century

John McCallum
John McCallum’s new history explores the relationship between 20th century Australian drama and a developing concept of nation. The book focuses on the creative tension sparked by dueling impulses between nationalism and cosmopolitanism; and between artistic seriousness and larrikin populism. It explores issues such as the domineering influence of European high culture, the ongoing popularity of representational realism, the influence of popular theatrical forms, the ambivalence (between affection and aggression) of much Australian humour and satire, and the interaction between the personal and the political in drama.

The strength of Belonging is its comprehensiveness. Anyone studying an Australian play will find it here in the context of the other works by its author or the time and place in which it was written. As well as a rundown of the major writers and their works, the book also investigates a number of lesser known plays and writers.

This authoritative study of Australian drama gives an account of the relationship between our theatre and our sense of self while taking into account a broad range of influences that helped to shape both.


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Currency Press | 978-0-86819-658-9 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
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Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
Just because you appear to have secrets don't mean your secrets are all that interestin.

A young female soldier returns from Afghanistan to a home she no longer recognises or connects with. She has proved herself in combat but her hardest battle is yet to come, as she navigates family politics, old relationships, and the memory of betrayal. From the deserts of a modern war to the battleground of a family kitchen, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm's explosive new play delves into one woman's quest for identity and a place she can call home.

'A major find… she writes with such lightness of touch and such depth of feeling that the evening never slackens its grip. It packs a huge amount in… recommended.'  – Daily Telegraph

Cast : 2M, 2F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-225-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Blak Inside
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Blak Inside

I Don't Wanna Play House / Conversations With the Dead / Enuff / Crow Fire / Belonging / Casting Doubts

Tammy Anderson et. al.

A collection of six plays from Victoria by Aboriginal writers which encompass a myriad of issues about the Aboriginal experience.


I Don’t Wanna Play House, by Tammy Anderson 
Tammy Anderson's moving story of her childhood. A truly remarkable account of the triumph of the human spirit.


Conversations With the Dead, by Richard J. Frankland
Imagine that you're a Koorie, that you're in your mid-twenties, that your job is to look into the lives of the dead and the process, policy and attitude that killed them.

Jack is employed by Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. In his role he listens to the stories of grieving families and re-creates the lives of those who have died. A powerful, savage play which takes you into the aching sorrow of deaths in custody.

A violent uprising is planned for Reconciliation Day in a future Australia. Will retribution or forgiveness prevail?


Crow Fire, by Jadah Milroy
The story of a young, urban Indigenous Australian woman and a man from a desert community lured into the city.


Belonging, by Tracey Rigney
Follows the taunts and temptations of a school girl, and her personal struggle to remain true to her culture and herself.



Casting Doubts, by Maryanne Sam
A funny and at times heart-wrenching play about an actors' casting agency with more colour charts than a paint shop, and the problems faced by Indigenous actors.


Cast : I Don't Wanna Play House - 1F + 1 musician / Conversations With the Dead - 5M, 1F + 1 musician / Enuff - 5M, 2F / Crow Fire - 3M, 2F / Belonging - 1M, 3F (doubling required) / Casting Doubts - 3M, 3F
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-662-6 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB