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As Told By the Boys Who Fed Me Apples
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As Told By the Boys Who Fed Me Apples

R. Johns

Sandy was the only Australian War Horse to return home from World War I. This is his poignant and fragmented war story. Through Sandy we experience the lives of three men who fought in the war.

Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges is mortally wounded at Gallipoli, and Sandy is his charger. A veterinary officer is caught with Sandy behind the lines on the Western Front in a gas shell barrage. A ‘permanently unfit’ soldier becomes a groom and brings Sandy home. Each is affected by their symbiotic relationship with the horse.

This unique, poetic piece of theatre captures the brutality of war and the heroism of the soldiers and horses who served.

Sandy is the horse full of wattle who drank the waters of the Murray in bucketloads, and who danced with bogong moths.

He is our connection to all those left behind.

Ebook available on:

Cast : 4M, doubling possible
Currency Press | 978-1-76062-052-3 | Sales Rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Bastard Boys
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$22.99 inc GST

Bastard Boys

Sue Smith
Bastard Boys is the story of the fight that stopped the nation—the 1998 battle for Australia's waterfront. More than just a dispute over reform, it became a campaign for the hearts and minds of all Australians. Controversial, all-consuming and combative, it forced people to pick a side and fight for their beliefs. Political thriller, war film, buddy movie, love story and courtroom drama all rolled into one, this is the story of the people behind one of the most significant events in Australia's recent past.

Iconic Australian actors Jack Thompson and Colin Friels lead an outstanding cast that includes: Geoff Morrell, Dan Wyllie, Justine Clarke, Rhys Muldoon and Lucy Bell.

Bastard Boys has been written with the cooperation and participation of all parties to the dispute. It is the first time participants such as former Patrick CEO, Chris Corrigan and ACTU Secretary, Greg Combet have agreed to tell their stories.

  • The world of the wharves, the boardrooms and war rooms are places most of us will never visit or understand. Bastard Boys takes us there, makes sense and great drama all at once. It’s amazing. Ruth Richie, Sydney Morning Herald

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-809-5 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST


Ella Hickson

Four boys face the tricky transition to adulthood in Ella Hickson's riot of a play.

The Class of 2011 are about to graduate and Benny, Mack, Timp and Cam are due out of their flat. Stepping into a world that doesn’t want them, these boys start to wonder whether there’s any point in getting any older. How will they find the fight to make it as adults?

Before all that they’re going to have one hell of a party. It’s hot and there’ll be girls an d booze. Predict a riot.

By Ella Hickson, also available through Currency Press:

Cast : 2F, 4M
Nick Hern Books UK | 978-1-84842-262-9 | Sales: Australia/NZ only | PB
Boys Will Be Boys
$21.81 ex GST
$23.99 inc GST

Boys Will Be Boys


Astrid Wentworth is a City trader, a ruthless player in a man’s world. If there is a special hell for women who don’t help each other, Astrid’s got the top table reserved and a Martini waiting.

But, when the young and ambitious Priya applies for a junior position on the trading floor, Astrid recognises something in her and decides to give her a go. After all, what’s gender got to do with it?

Featuring an all-female cast and cabaret music, Boys Will Be Boys received its European premiere at Bush Hall in 2016, in an exhilarating co-production between Headlong and the Bush Theatre, London.

Nick Hern Books | 978-1-84842-568-2 | PB
Boys, The
$15.45 ex GST
$16.99 inc GST

Boys, The

Australian Screen Classics

Andrew Frost
Lauded by many as one of the most powerful Australian films made in the past 20 years, Rowan Woods’ stunning debut feature The Boys touched off a storm of media controversy upon its release in 1998. 

The film evoked vivid memories of the 1986 rape and murder of a young Sydney woman named Anita Cobby. Although Woods’ film was fictional, The Boys remains inextricably connected to its real-life counterpart in the minds of many viewers.

But that connection is only part of the story behind the making of The Boys. In this thoughtful and thought-provoking essay, Andrew Frost contextualises the major thematic concerns of the film into the broader context of social anxieties about violence, crime and morality.

Frost chronicles his own personal journey with the film and its makers from art school to the underground Super 8 filmmaking scene of Sydney in the mid-1980s, from the early short films of director Woods to the multiple award-winning The Boys. Frost discovers new aspects of The Boys even today and wonders if its stinging moral message has been heard among the clamour of
everyday suburban life.


The Boys
is the 10th titles in the Australian Screen Classics series, co-published with the National Film and Sound Archive.

    eBook available from


Currency Press | 978-0-86819-862-0 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Boys, The
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Boys, The

Gordon Graham

A powerful picture of a family without moral, material, aesthetic or imaginative resource, each of them victims of a cycle of deprivation from which they can see relief only through money and physical power.

The vicious murder of a woman is the culmination of the frustrated expression of anger by three men, who are, nonetheless, loved and cared for by their own women. This is a disturbing piece of writing which suggests that society is failing both the victims and perpetrators of crime.

Later made into a film, the screenplay of The Boys - adapted from the play by Stephen Sewell - is also published by Currency Press.


   eBook available from

Cast : 3M, 4F
Currency Press | 978-0-86819-924-5 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Boys, The (screenplay)
$20.90 ex GST
$22.99 inc GST

Boys, The (screenplay)

Stephen Sewell

Based on the controversial stage play by Gordon Graham, The Boys is an unflinching analysis of the violence that lurks in Australian society. 

Returning home from prison, Brett sets about re-establishing control over his wayward brothers as he searches for an act the three brothers can participate in jointly, and thereby violate norms.

The play of The Boys is also available.

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-569-8 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Not a Game for Boys
$19.95 ex GST
$21.95 inc GST

Not a Game for Boys

Simon Block

Three cabbies seek solace in table tennis, and tonight they must win or face relegation from the local league. But the contest taking place between the three is much more than a game.

Block’s finest achievement is to show how ridiculous these men are without belittling them or destroying your sympathy for them -  Financial Times

Cast : 3M
Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-234-7 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB