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Dead At Last, At Last No More Air
$19.95 ex GST
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Dead At Last, At Last No More Air

Translated by Meredith Oakes

Werner Schwab

Werner Schwab’s final work, also known as a theatre-extinction comedy, is a brutal, irreverent and bizarrely comical piece about what happens when an emerging stage production is sabotaged by outsiders. Following a dispute with the cast, the director replaces all the actors with pensioners from a nearby home for the elderly. At first compliant and polite, the ‘forgotten and dispossessed’ gradually start to question the director’s authority, leading to a ‘coup d’état’ where the theatre’s cleaning lady is selected as the group’s leader. Not everybody survives the new order.

Werner Schwab was only thirty-five years old when he was found dead in his room following a New Year’s Eve drinking spree in 1994. He was, at the time, the undisputed star of German speaking theatre who effortlessly rose to fame for his unique talent with language and his darkly humorous, confrontational narratives. In only four years, he completed fifteen plays with Dead at Last, At Last No More Air ( Endlich tot, endlich keine luftmehr) being his last.

Cast : 6F, 8M
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78319-145-1 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
$19.95 ex GST
$21.95 inc GST


Translated by Meredith Oakes

Thomas Bernhard
Heldenplatz was written in 1988 as a response to the fiftieth anniversary of the Anschluss (annexation) of Austria by Hitler’s Germany. Highly controversial in Austria, the play concerns a Jewish professor who returns to Vienna after the Second World War and discovers that his fellow Austrians are as anti-semitic as ever. ‘Heldenplatz’ is the square in Vienna where the Austrian-born Hitler made his first speech after the Anschluss.

…it is as much an absurdist comedy as a piece of toxic rhetoric…this is an important European play that pins down a particularly ­fearful moment in Austrian ­history with ferocious elan. -   Michael Billington, The Guardian

Cast : 5M, 6F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84002-995-6 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
$20.86 ex GST
$22.95 inc GST


Goethe (translated by Meredith Oakes)
The Greek fleet bound for Troy is becalmed. For the sake of a wind, Agamemnon, leader of the Greek forces, is persuaded that he must sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia. But as the priest raises his knife to slit the child’s throat, the goddess Diana spirits her away. Clytemnestra, Agamemnon’s wife, believing her beloved daughter to be dead, slays her husband in revenge on hisreturn from the Trojan wars. Their son, Orestes, avenges his father’s death by killing his mother. Now, years later, as Iphigenia, a prisoner of the temple of Diana, looks across the sea to Greece, longing to return home, her brother Orestes arrives...

Cast : 4M, 1F
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84943-164-4 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Meredith Oakes: Collected Plays
$26.32 ex GST
$28.95 inc GST

Meredith Oakes: Collected Plays

The Neighbour / The Editing Process / Faith / Her Mother and Bartok / Shadowmouth / Glide / The Mind of the Meeting

Meredith Oakes
Featuring seven popular and critically acclaimed pieces.

The Neighbour 
A battle of wills between two young men on a housing estate.

The Editing Process 
An urbane but despairing comedy set in a publisher’s office. 

A vision of military conflict as a testing ground for English values.

Her Mother and Bartok
Focuses on a husband and wife as they discuss their first meeting from the perspective of the less-than-inspiring present. 

A troubled teenager is thrown out by his single mother and is taken in by a middle-aged single man. 

Glide and The Mind of the Meeting
Short radio plays.

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84002-966-6 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Punishment without Revenge
$19.95 ex GST
$21.95 inc GST

Punishment without Revenge

Lope de Vega (translated by Meredith Oakes)
An audacious blend of unbearable tension and delicious comedy, Punishment Without Revenge is regarded as the greatest tragedy of the Spanish Golden Age and the finest play of its presiding genius, Lope de Vega.

This elegant work is set in the dangerous and glamorous world of Renaissance Italy.  The Duke of Ferrara has lived a wild and unconventional life. An infamous womaniser, his only son, Federico, is a bastard whom he dreams will one day succeed him. When his subjects demand that he marry and provide them with the stability of a legitimate heir, the proud and beautiful Cassandra, Duchess of Mantua, is sent to be his bride. But everything does not fall happily into place.

A passionate love develops—but not between the Duke and his Duchess—and, in a culture where honour is the highest virtue, there can be only one outcome…

Cast : 10M, 5F, doubling possible
Oberon Books UK | 978-1-78319-049-2 | Sales Rights: Aust/NZ only | PB