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Domino Effect, The
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Domino Effect, The

and other plays for teenagers

Fin Kennedy

This second volume of plays from award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy features three ensemble plays for large casts of young people aged thirteen to nineteen, each developed via a long-term, collaborative process with the target age group.

In The Dream Catcher  a school group on a Media Studies field trip to the isolated country house of a black-and-white movie pioneer enter a sinister dreamworld when they go exploring after dark. Once they step through the movie screen, each of the young friends meets their dream double, the sinister Neverborn…

In Fast, a twenty-four-hour school fundraiser in a semi-rural town takes on a new urgency when farmer’s daughter Cara refuses to eat again until the supermarkets she holds responsible for her father’s suicide agree to her demands.

In The Domino Effect – a five-star hit at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe – a silent girl finds her voice, and her mother, when a mysterious East End antiques dealer teaches her how small actions lead to big effects, and how to master the law of unintended consequences.

With their flexible, mixed casts, the plays are particularly suited to performance by young people’s groups, who will enjoy the demands and challenges of playing roles specifically created for teenage actors.

Cast : 10F, 6M; 8F, 4M; 12F, 15M + chorus, extras; doubling possible in all plays
Nick Hern Book, Uk | 978-1-84842-468-5 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
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Fin Kennedy
Protection is a behind the scenes look at a team of social workers and their 'clients' in Britain's most misunderstood public service.

A tough but vulnerable new play about our crumbling social fabric and the people who have to pick up the pieces. 

Cast : 4M, 7F
Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-763-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Urban Girl's Guide to Camping, The
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Urban Girl's Guide to Camping, The

And other plays

Fin Kennedy
Tender, uncompromising, haunting and lyrical, these four plays together comprise a contemporary chronicle of the lives of East London's young women.

The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping
Four young friends leave the city behind and head into the wilderness, but a burning secret threatens to tear their lives apart. A bittersweet comedy about life, love and friendship once school is long gone.

Mehndi Night
A touching family tale about resentment and forgiveness on the night before a wedding. Explores the pleasures and pains of a cross-cultural identity in twenty-first century Britain.

Stolen Secrets
Urban fairytales from the heart of London's East End. Bold, lyrical and gruesome. They can be performed individually or together for maximum shock value.

The Unravelling
In a fabric shop, a dying mother challenges her daughters to weave her the greatest tale, using nothing more than pieces of cloth.  The Unravelling is a Fringe First Award-winning fable about the power of mythology to change your life.  

These plays are the result of a unique four-year partnership between award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy and Mulberry School for Girls in East London. They are written in an ensemble storytelling style that will suit younger performance groups around the country, especially those looking for predominantly female roles.

Cast : The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping - 4F + one non-speaking girl / Mehndi Night - 10F / Stolen Secrets - various requirements (minimum 2-7 performers) / The Unravelling - 5F + 2 or more narrators
Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-84842-120-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB