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Every Last Trick
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Every Last Trick

Georges Feydeau/Tamsin Oglesby
‘My dear fellow. Dreadfully sorry. I’ll be marrying your wife.’

A charming politician and his glamorous new wife evoke a picture of marital bliss. Her first husband was a liar and a cheat. Her second is a different batch of chromosomes altogether. Not only is he chairman of the Feminist Forum but he clearly adores her. He says so, repeatedly, usually on Thursday nights when he goes out to ‘stretch his legs’. Her suspicions are obviously hormonal. But when he resorts to illusion to maintain the delusion, well, there’s a lot of confusion. If experience has taught her anything it’s the need to fight fire with fire, lies with more lies and every last trick with pure magic…

Cast : 1F, 4M
Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-78319-133-8 | Sales Rights: Aust/NZ only | PB