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MARY KELLY graduated from Drama School in Dublin in 2002. As well as acting in lots of plays, she wrote and performed her own, One for Sorrow and Two for a Girl, throughout Ireland.

MAUREEN WHITE graduated from Ottawa University in Canada, where she founded her own theatre company over twenty years ago, which staged, among many others, her own play, This is for You Anna, about women and violence. She moved to Ireland in 1989 and has directed many plays since then, including Mary Kelly’s One for Sorrow and Two for a Girl.

Unravelling the Ribbon
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Unravelling the Ribbon

Mary Kelly and Maureen White
‘When it comes to breasts, I have none and she has one. What sort of family are we at all?’

Rosie, mid-30s, two kids, married to a farmer, discovers a lump in her breast. The things that happen then—chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy—are narrated with gripping immediacy. She is an ordinary woman, not coping particularly well, but not a disaster either. Her story is refracted in the commentary of her 11-year-old daughter, caught up with her friends, her bothersome younger brother and, above all, the onset of puberty and the protracted absence of longed-for breasts.

Intercut with their voices is Lola’s, a middle-aged, arty Dublin widow—and a breast cancer survivor—who first ‘rescues’ the daughter when she gets lost on a rare day out in the capital and ends up bonding with the mother.

Unravelling the Ribbon is a startlingly real, immensely moving, often hilarious play for three women.

Cast : 3F
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