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Dr Peta Tait is Professor in Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University, Melbourne. She wrote Converging Realities: Feminism in Australian Theatre, which was published by Currency Press in 1994, and Original Women's Theatre, published by Artmoves in 1993. Her articles on physical theatre, new circus, performing emotions and gender are published internationally.

Dr Elizabeth Schafer is Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway College, London University, where she teaches a specialist course in Australian drama. She is the author of MsDirecting Shakespeare (London: Women's Press, 1998), a study of female directors. She continues to write on the theatre.

Australian Women's Drama: Texts and Feminisms
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Australian Women's Drama: Texts and Feminisms

Vocations / The Chapel Perilous / Historia / Murras / Remember / The Forty Lounge Cafe / Running Up a Dress

Peta Tait & Elizabeth Schafer (eds)
A collection of plays that charts some of the shifts in feminist thinking over the past twenty-five years and features some of Australia’s most renowned female dramatists.

Vocationsby Alma De Groen
Two women, a writer and an actress, must try to separate their vocations from the nesting instincts of their mates.
The Chapel Perilous,  by Dorothy Hewett
The painful and sometimes farcical life of a defiant young poet, Sally Banner, as she attempts—through her school days, lovers, marriage and politics—to extract meaning from her environment. Music by Frank Arndt.

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Historia,  by Noëlle Janaczewska
A lesbian love affair between the Polish-born Zosia and the Australian Zoe invokes a powerful reconsideration of the boundaries placed around ethnicity and nationality, cyberspace and real time, and the past and the present.

Murras,  by Eva Johnson
An Aboriginal woman, Ruby, struggles against hostile and racist society. She loses her husband to alcoholism induced by despair at the loss of his land and culture; and she loses her house under authoritarian governmental rehousing policies. She must face other terrible things, too, but the tragic events of her life are offset by her courageous strength. 

Remember,  by Jenny Kemp
Sustaining a tension between a mundane domesticity and the surreal, exotic projections of Moderna’s inner world, Remember  investigates the long-term consequences of the experience of rape. 


The Forty Lounge Cafe , by Tes Lyssiotis
A lyrical family story spanning three generations and two worlds. 

Running Up A Dress , by Suzanne Spunner
A collage of performed selves, this play depicts the ‘wear and tear’ on mother-daughter relationships through linguistic exercises on the extended metaphor of dressmaking. 
Cast : Vocations - 2M, 2F + extras / The Chapel Perilous - 3M, 2F / Historia - 2M, 2F / Remember - 2M, 3F / The Forty Lounge Cafe - 9F (doubling possible)
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