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3 Winters
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3 Winters

Tena Štivicic
As the Kos family argue, adapt, fall in and out of love world after world is erected and torn down around them. The one constant is the ivy-clad house in Zagreb, built by aristocrats, partitioned, owned by all, owned by a few; witness to four increasingly educated and independent generations of women. But when the family assembles for Lucia’s wedding, Alisa learns that her nouveau-riche brother-in-law has bought the once nationalized house. For the bride this is progress, for her sister it’s a shady act of greed. For their principled parents, finally, it’s one battle too many.

From the remnants of monarchy to Communism, democracy, war and the EU: Croatia 1945–2011, against a country in turmoil, Tena Štivicic’s 3 Winters creates a portrait of an eclectic family, held together by the courage to survive.

Nick Hern Book, Uk | 978-1-84842-449-4 | Sales Rights: Australia/NZ only | PB
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Tena Štivicic
Refreshingly unusual look at London’s East European sub-culture by a first-time Croation playwright.

Like the Balkans, where most of the characters hail from, this play is full of vivid scenes and characters all jostling with each other for supremacy. It is set in present-day London, mainly in Michi’s bar—described as ‘ one of those underground clubs that hosts people from countries where non-smokers are not to be trusted' and partly in a refugee hostel run by Gayle, a New Zealander.

We meet Mila, from Croatia, who sings in the bar and is having an affair with Erik, a damaged but macho Norwegian foreign correspondent who has seen action in Bosnia. Marko, from Serbia, has got a job at Michi’s because his father was a big wheel in Serbia, probably caught up in the atrocities. Tiasha has been sex-trafficked all over Europe—and has encountered Erik on the way.  Her arrival tips the precarious balance established between these various misfits: Gayle and Marko get together; Michi starts procuring for Tiasha: Mila returns to Croatia—and Erik dies...

Cast : 3M, 4F
Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-990-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB