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Publication Submissions

General Guidelines

Currency Press is a specialist publisher which publishes books related to the performing   arts including plays, screenplays, professional handbooks, histories and biographies, critical  and reference works. If you would like us to consider a work for publication, please read the  information below. Please note that we generally take up to twelve weeks to respond to your   proposal. Manuscripts will not be returned unless they are accompanied by a stamped, self addressed  envelope. Unfortunately we are not able to provide detailed feedback if your submission is unsuccessful.

We are not currently considering new print music works.

Play Scripts

If your play has been professionally produced in Australia, send the script along with details  of its production history and any reviews you would like to include. Plays that have not been  professionally produced will not be considered for publication except in our Current Theatre  Series which is described below.

If you are interested in further developing your play or having it professionally assessed there  are several play development organisations which can offer assistance. For more information  see at the links section of our website.

Current Theatre Series

If your play is about to be produced, it may be suitable for publication in the Current Theatre  Series (CTS), which encourages new dramatic writing by making it accessible to theatregoers  and the public. The full script is published to coincide  with the play's production, and the book includes the theatre program.  CTS titles are published in partnership with the  presenting theatre company, who agrees to buy a fixed number of copies to sell as programs  throughout their season. The play script will also be available in bookshops and online.


If you would like us to consider a screenplay for publication, send it to us well ahead of the film’s release date, since we like to publish in time for the opening. We do not consider unproduced screenplays.

Performing Arts (Critical Studies, Practical Handbooks, etc.)

Currency publishes a range of books concerned with the performing arts. Explore our catalogue to see the type of books we publish. If you think your book fits into our list, please send us  a sample chapter or other supplementary material, as well as answers to the following questions:
  • Tell us about your book. Describe the book as though you were writing the back-cover blurb.
  • Please list and briefly describe the chapters.
  • Who are you writing this book for? Who will read it? Is the style popular, general reader, academic, educational?  What size is the book's potential market? Is it local or international?
  • Why is there a need for this book?
  • Has the book been reviewed or mentored already, throughout the drafting process? Tell us about any guidance you've received.
  • Tell us about your experience in this area. Why are you the person to write this book?
  • How far along the process of drafting are you, and how long is left to go?
  • Will the book include input of another person? Do you own, or can you obtain, the copyright or publishing rights to all the material to be published?
  • What do you think would be a reasonable price for this book?

Submissions Received Via:

  • proposals (at)
  • PO Box 2287, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012 (include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like the material returned)
  • Submissions enquiry form below