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Theatre Studies - Writers and Writing

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A Guide to Adapting Literature to Film

Denise Faithfull with Brian Hannant

Turning a 250-page novel or a two-and-a-half-hour stage play into a 90-minute film means leaving out much of the original and changing most of what’s left. So why does it remain recognisably the same story? What is the slippery essence that transfers, unaltered, from page to screen?

In Adaptations, Denise Faithfull comprehensively and systematically addresses the thorny issues of choosing your source and type of adaptation, whether a liberal appropriation, a free-flowing intersection, a variation or a faithful translation. She illuminates questions of structure, character, dialogue and visualisation, and includes a checklist for the adaptor. Brian Hannant’s introductory chapter discusses the history of Australian film, the basic principles of filmmaking and screenwriting, and a guide to correct screenplay layout.

Drawing from dozens of Australian films including Così, Lantana, Hotel Sorrento, The Boys, Dead Heart, Death in Brunswick and Head On, Adaptations navigates the treacherous waters of the adaptation process, showing us what works … and what doesn’t.

For anyone who’s ever read a novel, seen a play or heard an incredible true story and thought, ‘Now, that would make a great film’, Adaptations is the ultimate on how to make it happen.

Click here for a review by Nick Sidoryn, Marden Senior College, as published in the SAETA Newsletter.

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-792-0 | Sales rights: worldwide | PB
Art of Translation, The
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Art of Translation, The

Ranjit Bolt

I try to follow the rule laid down by perhaps the greatest translator of all, John Dryden, who maintained that a translator should – and I paraphrase – make the version as entertaining as possible, while at the same time remaining as faithful as possible to the spirit of the original.

Ranjit Bolt is one Britain’s most prolific and talented translators for the stage. His translations (most of them in rhyming verse) have been produced by the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Sir Peter Hall, and by leading repertory theatres in the US. He was awarded an OBE in 2003 for services to literature.

The Art of Translation is part of Oberon's Masters Series, a new series of good-value and attractively presented hardbacks on key themes within the theatre written by leading lights in each subject. 

Oberon Books, UK | 978-1-84002-865-2 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | HB
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The art of making theatre drawn from life

Alana Valentine
‘Mostly it feels like you don’t know—like you’re reaching for something that you can’t quite grab. Some writers talk about their fear of the blank page, but the playwright who draws work from life can have the opposite problem. Spoilt for choice. Presented with myriad possibilities and competing ideas of how to condense the source material or arrange it in a theatrically dynamic, original and compelling way. Lost in a sea of options, yet perversely obsessed with the interview not done, the perspective not transcribed, the final piece of the jigsaw forever elusive. And it’s not about a lack of confidence, although that can hum away in the background for longer than you might expect. It’s about not trying to have clarity. It’s about waiting until you do.’

So begins Bowerbird, a journey through the life and plays of Alana Valentine, as well as the creative process behind the plays. One of Australia’s most inventive playwrights, Alana shows the power of bringing new audiences into our theatres to share the space with traditional audiences, detailing how to gather and transform lived experience into compelling drama. In Bowerbird she reveals the motor of her artistry by combining stories from her life with observations from her experience.

‘Bowerbird is written with all the humanity, wisdom, humour and generosity that we recognise and love in Alana Valentine’s work. This is much more than a guide for aspiring writers: this is a book for anyone who loves theatre, its power and its people.’  Neil Armfield AO

Currency Press | 978-1-92500-567-7 | Sales rights: worldwide, except Aust/NZ | PB
Cheeky Monkey, The
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Cheeky Monkey, The

Writing Narrative Comedy

Tim Ferguson
From one of Australia's most successful comedians comes The Cheeky Monkey, a practitioner's guide to the art of comedy writing. Both insightful and practical, The Cheeky Monkey explains the principles of sitcom writing and guides the reader in how to apply them. Seeded with exercises to aid the developing comedy writer, this book will help you to:
  • Write jokes
  • Create funny stories
  • Build comic characters
  • Develop a sitcom
  • Sell your sitcom to producers and TV networks
Many of Tim's techniques can also be applied to film, stage, stand-up or indeed any form of comedy. You'll make 'em laugh before you know it.

  • Watch Tim talk about the controversy his book caused
  • Listen to Tim defend himself from the castigation of his peers
  • Visit Tim's website, and immerse yourself in the world of the Cheeky Monkey.
  • Read about Tim's first comedy experience

    eBook available from

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-861-3 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Chekhov on Theatre
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Chekhov on Theatre

Anton Chekhov (Translated by Stephen Mulrine)
Chekhov started writing about theatre—in newspaper articles and in his own letters—even before he began writing plays. Later he wrote in detail about these to his wife and leading actress, Olga Knipper, and to the two directors of the Moscow Art Theatre, Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Collected here for the first time in Stephen Mulrine’s vivid translations, these writings reveal Chekhov’s many and varied insights into the way theatre works—and how best to realise his own intentions as a theatre writer. 

Compiled by Jutta Hercher and Peter Urban, translated by Stephen Mulrine.

Nick Hern Books, UK | 978-1-84842-075-5 | Sales rights: Australia & NZ | PB
Comedy Bible, The
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$19.99 inc GST

Comedy Bible, The

Judy Carter

This is the definitive guide to making a career out of making people laugh. If you’ve got a sense of humour, you can learn to make a career out of comedy, says Judy Carter. Whether it’s creating a killer stand-up act, writing a spec sitcom, or providing jokes for radio or one-liners for greeting cards, Carter provides step-by-step instructions in The Comedy Bible. She helps readers first determine which genre of comedy writing or performing suits them best and then directs them in developing, refining, and selling their work.

The Comedy Bible is proof God does have a sense of humour... Until comedians can enrol in a comedy 101 humourversity course at the school of hard knock-knocks, this is the next best thing. - Wil Anderson

Currency Press | 978-0-86819-741-8 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Conversations with Pinter
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Conversations with Pinter

Mel Gussow

Detailed interviews with the Nobel Prize-winning playwright, conducted over twenty years from 1971–1993 by the Drama Critic of the New York Times.

An invaluable insight to Pinter's life and work. 

'A vital companion to his work.' The Times

Nick Hern Books | 978-1-85459-206-4 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | PB
Critical Studies Collection: Patricia Cornelius
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$4.99 inc GST

Critical Studies Collection: Patricia Cornelius

Currency Press


Patricia Cornelius is one of Australia’s most awarded and celebrated playwrights. She is known for her confronting plays that often deal with people living on the margins of society, struggling with poverty and prejudice. The Sydney Festival 2017 showcased three of Patricia’s plays, as well as a discussion with Festival Director Wesley Enoch.

This collection contains seven pieces of criticism on Cornelius’ plays SHIT, Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?, Do Not Go Gentle, The Berry Man and LOVE, written by Julian Meyrick, Hilary Glow, Tom Holloway, Susie Dee and Cornelius herself. Read Cornelius through her eyes, and through the eyes of her peers in theatremaking.

This is the first title in the Critical Studies Collection by Currency Press. Each title in the collection showcases an Australian playwright or a theatrical theme, through written criticism and audiovisual material. The sources range from recent publications through to rare books that are currently out of print. Complete with source listings and recommended further reading, this series is the ideal guide for students and teachers of theatre from the HSC to tertiary study.
Currency Press | 978-1-76062-126-1 | ebook only
Dear Mr. Shakespeare: Letters to a Jobbing Playwright
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$22.95 inc GST

Dear Mr. Shakespeare: Letters to a Jobbing Playwright

Simon Reade

Dear Mr. Shakespeare,
Thank you for submitting your script. We loved it! However…

What if Shakespeare was writing today? What if Shakespeare had to deal with the prejudices of today’s producers? What if he had to circumnavigate the same rapids of bureaucracy, financial constraints, cuts in funding, political correctness, forced re-writes, miscasting, rejections, put-downs and “friendly advice” that the writers of today encounter?

Taking today’s attitudes and playing them out in a series of fictional letters to the emerging Elizabethan playwright, Simon Reade has produced a sharp and novel companion to Shakespeare, for aficionados, actors, academics and audiences alike.

Oberon Books | 978-1-84002-829-4 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | HB
Edward Albee: A Singular Journey
$29.95 ex GST
$32.95 inc GST

Edward Albee: A Singular Journey

Mel Gussow

With frankness and critical acumen, and drawing on extensive first-hand conversations with the playwright, Gussow offers fresh insights into Albee’s life while at the same time providing vivid portraits of Albee’s relationships with the people closest to him. The book describes Albee’s life as the adopted child of rich, unloving parents, and covers the highs and lows of his career. In 1960 Albee electrified the American theatre world with The Zoo Story, and followed it two years later with the extraordinary Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Proclaimed as the playwright of his generation, he went on to win three Pulitzer Prizes for his searing and innovative plays. He returned in 1994 with Three Tall Women, a major West End production. 

A fascinating and illuminating account of a great dramatist in search of his identity - Sir John Mortimer.

Oberon Books | 978-1-84002-131-8 | Sales rights: Australia/NZ | HB