Keith Bain: The Principles of Movement


ISBN: 9780987211460
Author: Michael Campbell (ed), Keith Bain
Publication Date: 1/12/2013
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency House
Extent: 240pp.
Availability: Available


From the writings of Keith Bain, Michael Campbell has collated a comprehensive course and reference guide for actors and performers on the principles and practice of one of Australia’s great teachers of movement. In simple language Bain lays out the secrets of self-knowledge that lie behind understanding the body and mind.

‘Movement’, he says, ‘is both how we move and what moves us. Movement is the look in our eyes, the tensions and the tone in our muscles, our breathing, our thinking, our longings and fears. Movement has equal concern for the inner and outer aspects, with each clarifying the other.’

‘He had a profound effect on the way I conducted myself physically and in that sense he is with me all the time.’ — Richard Roxborough

‘His teachings are the foundation of my technique.’ — Cate Blanchett

‘He is one of the great mentors of my creative life.’ — Baz Luhrmann

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