Love Is Where It Falls


ISBN: 9781854599766
Author: By Simon Callow
Publication Date: 11/01/2007
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 224pp.
Availability: Available

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Simon Callow’s candid and moving memoir of his passionate friendship with legendary literary agent Peggy Ramsay.

Exquisite… Perhaps the best theatrical memoir of our day‘ David Hare

‘This extraordinary memoir brilliantly evokes one of the most formidable and influential figures in recent British cultural history, Peggy Ramsay, muse, patron and scourge of the post-Look Back in Anger generation… Those of us who loved her will be astonished by the vivid accuracy of Simon Callow’s portrait; but even those ignorant of her existence will surely be touched, fascinated and challenged’
Sunday Times

‘This is the story of an unusual love affair – between a writer and his agent… Callow has allowed Peggy to play the leading role in this book and she emerges triumphantly: perceptive, funny, unexpected and passionately devoted to the truth about the art she loved the most’

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