The Day I Stood Still


ISBN: 9781854593344
Author: By Kevin Elyot
Publication Date: 12/02/1998
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available

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A poignantly funny drama from the author of My Night With Reg, about the heartbreak of unrequited love and the power of memories.

In the 60s, Horace, Jerry and Judy were teenagers. They were into drink, drugs, Hendrix, The Hobbit and, of course, each other. Thirty years later, Jerry is dead, Judy is in love and the gay-but-hesitant Horace is unable to get on with his life – until he receives a surprise visitor.

Kevin Elyot’s play The Day I Stood Still was first performed in the Cottesloe auditorium of the National Theatre, London, in January 1998.

‘Even funnier and more touching than Elyot’s My Night with Reg… a most appealing play’
The Times

‘Elyot once more shows himself capable of transcending the ghettoising definition of the gay play… Through the experience of the lonely, hesitant, life-fearing Horace, he touches poignantly on a universal theme: the way we cling, in desperation to some golden moment in the past as a protection against the uncertain present’

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