Spanish Plays


ISBN: 9781854594181
Author: Edited by Elyse Dodgson, Mary Peate
Publication Date: 12/10/1999
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 256pp.
Availability: Available


A collection of modern Spanish and Catalan plays in translations by practising English playwrights, commissioned and first staged by the Royal Court Theatre.

This volume contains:

Sergi Belbel’s Caresses translated by John London
A disturbing picture of contemporary society against a background of urban alienation.

Juan Mayorga’s The Scorched Garden translated by Nick Drake
About a group of inmates locked up in a mental hospital since the Spanish Civil War.

David Planell’s Bazaar translated by John Clifford
Undercurrents of racism surface poisonously during the course of a hilarious attempt to get an accident video shown on TV.

Antonio Onetti’s Bleeding Heart translated by Oscar Ceballos and Mary Peate
Set in contemporary Seville where a naive, middle-aged transvestite encounters a petty thief nicknamed ‘sour face’.

Lluïsa Cunillé’s Roundabout translated by Oscar Ceballos and Mary Peate
A fascinating study of obsession and delusion.

Paloma Pedrero’s Wolf Kisses translated by Roxana Silbert
A young woman returns to her rural village home to await her Parisian lover despite the hostility of the villagers.

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