The Antipodes


ISBN: 9781854596031
Author: By Richard Brome
Publication Date: 25/08/2000
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 164pp.
Availability: Available


An ingenious satirical comedy, often considered playwright Richard Brome’s masterpiece and one of the greatest comedies of the Caroline era, presenting a farcically topsy-turvey view of London in the 1630s.

Peregrine Joyless has become obsessed with travel books, and his obsession is ruining not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him. Step forward the crafty physician Doctor Hughball and the mysterious nobleman Letoy, who have a plan to rid Peregrine of his unhealthy passion: they will conjure up the world of ‘The Antipodes’, in which every facet of life is turned on its head…

This edition of Richard Brome’s play The Antipodes, in the Globe Quarto series co-published with Shakespeare’s Globe to mark the rediscovery of forgotten plays by Shakespeare’s contemporaries, is edited by David Scott Kastan & Richard Proudfoot.

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