The Maths Tutor


ISBN: 9781854597663
Author: By Clare McIntyre
Publication Date: 29/09/2003
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
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A wry and incisive play exposing how our desire for a normal family life and our fears about adults, young people and sex, can sometimes outride the truth.

Tom and JJ are best mates, sharing school, hobbies and the same maths tutor. Tom’s parents seem to have the perfect marriage – yet nobody knows the secret deal that has kept the family together for years. But when JJ’s mother starts a relationship with a younger man and JJ fabricates a terrible lie in revenge, everyone is forced to confront the hidden parts of their lives.

Clare McIntyre’s play The Maths Tutor was first staged at Hamptead Theatre, London, in September 2003.

‘Clare McIntyre’s wise, funny and often moving drama explores accusations of child molestation, and many other issues of love, sexuality and family life, with a rare, unsentimental compassion and mounting dramatic tension’
Daily Telegraph

‘Shrewd, humorous and caring’
The Times

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