ISBN: 9781854594433
Author: By Gary Mitchell
Publication Date: 26/03/1999
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 85pp.
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A play about the bonds of trust in a tight-knit Loyalist community, and how easily they are shattered, from the multi-award winning writer of The Force of Change.

Geordie is a UDA godfather on the Rathcoole estate in Belfast. He is unemployed but receives supplicants for ‘jobs’. His diffident 15-year-old son, stunted by living in his shadow, is being bullied at school: Geordie and his tough-talking wife, Margaret, differ over the approach to take – he wants to ignore the problem, she wants to arrange a punishment beating. When he is approached for help by a British Army ‘special’ with an plan to go on the make, the trust begins to unravel.

Gary Mitchell’s play Trust was first staged at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 1999.

It is published in the Nick Hern Books Instant Playscript series – designed to reflect the immediacy of the play on the stage. Printed only a few days before opening night, the aim is to give audiences at the theatre and readers all over the world instant access to the best of current new writing as it hits the stage.

‘What he has to tell us about the world is sobering, informative and theatrically gripping’

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