Waiting Room Germany


ISBN: 9781854592743
Author: By Klaus Pohl Translated by David Tushingham
Publication Date: 8/02/1996
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 82pp.
Availability: Available

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A raw and honest verbatim-theatre play about post-reunification Germany, commissioned in 1994 by Der Spiegel to test the mood of the new Germany.

A vast range of people – from security guard to shepherd, from the East and from the West – come forward to give voice to their personal experiences and feelings since the Berlin wall came down.

Klaus Pohl’s play Waiting Room Germany was first staged in this English translation by David Tushingham at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in November 1995.

It is published in the Nick Hern Books Instant Playscript series – designed to reflect the immediacy of the play on the stage. Printed only a few days before opening night, the aim is to give audiences at the theatre and readers all over the world instant access to the best of current new writing as it hits the stage.

‘A fascinating eye-and-ear opener… what hits you is the passionate clarity with which these people have been forced to take stock of their lives as the nation contemplates its identity crisis’

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