The Nick Enright Songbook


ISBN: 9781925210347
Author: Nick Enright
Publication Date: 30/01/2015
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press

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The Nick Enright Songbook brings together 50 of the best songs from ten musicals for which Enright wrote the lyrics; and the music of five gifted composers—Terence Clarke, Glenn Henrich, Alan John, David King and Max Lambert. The book includes songs from The Venetian Twins, Variations, Summer Rain, Buckley’s!, Orlando Rourke, The Betrothed, Mary Bryant, The Good Fight, Miracle City and On the Wallaby.

Across this work, Enright’s characteristic use of Australian imagery and language shine brightly, intertwined with the themes of resilience, lost love and religion that are familiar in his work. Together the songs display the proficiency and craft he brought to the Australian musical theatre.

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