Platform Papers 19: ‘Your Genre is Black’: Indigenous Performing Arts and Policy


ISBN: 9780980280296
Author: Hilary Glow, Katya Johanson
Publication Date: 1/1/2009
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency House
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Indigenous performing arts have developed enormously since the early movement in 1970 and now face a dilemma between fulfilling community responsibilities, which have largely motivated and supported this growth, and the new generation of professionally-trained artists achieving the artistic autonomy which is now being demanded. Government funding for Indigenous work has to date been couched in terms of its contribution to employment, health and social good. Artists are now calling for an end to sympathetic indulgence of less-than-the-best in favour of a challenge of a place in the national and international arena. The authors examine these tensions and outline the hurdles yet to be overcome before a new cultural policy will be established that not only recognises talent but promotes it.

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