Kenneth Tynan: Theatre Writings


ISBN: 9781854595430
Author: Kenneth Tynan, Edited by Dominic Shellard
Publication Date: 28/08/2008
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 304pp.

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The best of Tynan’s theatre criticism, selected and edited by his biographer Dominic Shellard – with a foreword by Tom Stoppard.

‘A clutch of Kenneth Tynan’s reviews are worth more than a hundredweight of almost anyone else’s. This volume, edited by his biographer, stamped with Tom Stoppard’s approval in the foreword, contains all the classics’ Sunday Times, Books of the Year

‘One can only wonder why Tynan’s theatre criticism, the crowning achievement of his professional life, has until now been mouldering out of print… His reviews aren’t just a brilliant record of this or that production; as Tom Stoppard writes in a generous foreword, they stand "in lieu of an autobiography, the adventures of someone who happened to care very much about the theatre." … To read Tynan is to be thrilled into paying better and closer attention – which, in short, is the point of criticism in the first place’ Daily Telegraph

‘Tynan was unique in that he combined the soul of an artist with the descriptive skill of a journalist. His style, blending voluptuous ease with verbal precision, was a constant instrument of pleasure’ Michael Billlington, Guardian

‘A sentence from him is worth a book from all the rest’ Time Out

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