Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika


ISBN: 9781854592552
Author: Tony Kushner
Publication Date: 01/02/1994
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 120pp.


Part Two of the two-part Angels in America, an epic drama set during the Reagan years in America – now recognised as one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century.

Part Two: Perestroika picks up the stories of Prior and Cohn from Part One. Prior, overwhelmed by the responsibilties of ‘prophet’ placed on him by the angels, wishes that they would leave him alone. Cohn, now dying from the virus, continues to manipulate the system from his hospital bed. But who is left to look after them now? And does anyone still care?

With a climax as bittersweet as it is beautiful, we are left wondering who the real angels are in a disparate world.

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