Not in Print Podcasts

We’ve gone off script—beyond the page and behind the stage—to speak with respected Australian playwrights about the depth and breadth of a single work. That’s 1 play in 30 minutes with insights straight from the source. Not in Print also offers readings of forewords and introductions from the scripts we discuss, allowing those insights, ideas and critiques to leap off the page and travel with you beyond the fourth wall. Teachers and students will find this to be an informative (and fun) critical study resource, actors and directors will gain insight for performance, writers will uncover tools and inspiration, while audiences and readers will encounter stories and ideas beyond the page or theatre space. Listen for free through iTunes (; Stitcher ( and/or the Podcasts app.

List of Episodes

Cosi: A symphony of operatic madness/ an interview with Louis Nowra
Trail by Madman / Louis Nowra reads his introduction to Cosi
The Shoe-Horn Sonata: Digging up the past / an interview with John Misto
Scores to be settled / a reading of Vera Rado’s introduction to The Shoe-Horn Sonata
The Unacknowledged / a reading of Jan McCarthy’s foreword to The Shoe-Horn Sonata
Stories in the Dark: Princes, wolf-mothers and singing bones / an interview with Debra Oswald
Playwright’s note for Stories in the Dark read by Debra Oswald
Moth: The chaos of teenage friendship / an interview with Declan Greene
The Excruciating Theatre of Declan Greene / a reading of Chris Kohn’s foreword to Moth
Speaking in Tongues: Mysterious reflections, love’s refractions / an interview with Andrew Bovell
Playwright’s note for Speaking in Tongues / a reading of Andrew Bovell’s introduction to the play
The Seed: How well do you know your family? / an interview with Kate Mulvany
The Making of a Great Play / Eamon Flack (director) reads his foreword to The Seed
Silent Disco: Plugging in and tuning out / an interview with Lachlan Philpott
Joel Jordan reads his introduction to Silent Disco
The Floating World: Shipped over the edge / an interview with John Romeril
Katharine Brisbane reads her introduction to The Floating World
Don’s Party: The way we were / an interview with David Williamson
A reading of the preface to Don’s Party
Gary’s House: But is it home? / an interview with Debra Oswald
John McCallum reads his introduction to Gary’s House
Rainbow’s End: What is the definition of a hero? / an interview with Jane Harrison
Holding the Man: I’ll see you soon, angel / an interview with Tommy Murphy
Jump for Jordan: Caught between cultures / an interview with Donna Abela
The Removalists: Who’s in charge here? / an interview with David Williamson
Neighbourhood Watch: Birth, death and pets / an interview with Lally Katz

Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography: Barely concealed desperation / an interview
with Declan Greene
Radiance: Families are full of secrets / an interview with Louis Nowra
Louis Nowra reads his Introduction to Radiance
Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah: What do you do when you disagree with someone you love /
an interview with Alana Valentine
Dr Christine Ho reads her Introduction to Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah
Brothers Wreck: How many people does it take for us to live? / an interview the Jada Alberts
The Secret River: Our History is contested space / an interview with Andrew Bovell
Emerald City: Fame and greed in the merry old land of Australia / an interview
with David Williamson
Halal-el-Mashakel: “Asylum seekers are just like you and me” / an interview with Linda Jaivin
Stories of Love and Hate: When do they collide? / an interview with Roslyn Oades
On Dramaturgy and Emerging Artists: Advice for up and coming playwrights / Roslyn Oades
Hoods: Who is Responsible for Children’s Welfare? / an interview with Angela Betzien
Norm & Ahmed: Race prejudice is a profoundly irrational force / an interview with Emma Buzo
An Ever-Changing Idiom / Alana Valentine reads her response to Summer of the Seventeenth Doll /
from the Cue the Chorus series
A Town Named War Boy / an interview with Ross Mueller
War Crimes: How do you win the battle inside your head / an interview with Angela Betzien