BILL REED is playwright, novelist and short-story writer who has won national awards in each category. He is undoubtedly best known for his Burke’s Company, which prompted Professor Dennis Carroll in his Contemporary Australian Theatre to write: ‘… it was Reed in Burke’s Company who pioneered Artaudian techniques in a play of stature’. His Truganinni has been produced many times around Australia, and was described by Aubrey Mellor OAM as ‘a rare expressionistic work’. His other plays include The Pecking OrderMr Siggie Morrison with His Comb and PaperJack Charles is Up and FightingBasically BlackJust Out of Your GroundCass Butcher Bunting (winner Monash Theatre award, Alexander Theatre), BullshMore BullshYou Want It, Don’t You, Billy?Talking to a MirrorAuntie and the Girl. Additionally, of professional workshop status, were: Daddy the 8th, Truganinni Inside, Paddlesteamer, I Don’t Know What to Do with You!. He has had eleven novels published. In her Expressway (Penguin), the critic Helen Daniel stated he is, ‘my choice for the most neglected Australian author’.  He won the ANA award for literature and has had several Miles Franklin near-misses. Of his short stories, four have been national competition winners, six have been winners or runners-up in national competitions and have been published in anthologies. Reed has also been a journalist and book editor, including Managing Editor/Publisher of three of Australia’s leading book publishers–Rigby, A.H. and A.W. Reed (no relation) and Macmillan Australia.