LUCAS STIBBARD is an award-winning performer, playwright and director. His performing credits include Attack of the Attacking Attackers! (The Escapists/La Boite), Elephant Gun (The Escapists/Brisbane Powerhouse WTF2012), boy girl wall with Lucas Stibbard (The Escapists/Metro Arts), The Prometheus Project (The Escapists/QTC), and Neridah Waters Is Dodgy (The Escapists/Metro Arts Free Range Festival), The Danger Age, Zig-Zag Street (La Boite), The Cherry Orchard, Fractions (QTC/HotHouse), Richard II (Queensland Theatre Company), The Alchemist, Richard III (QTC/Bell Shakespeare), and Hamlet (QTC/State Theatre Company of South Australia). As playwright he worked on boy girl wall with Matthew Ryan. Stibbard’s director credits include Elephant Gun, The Laramie Project, The Masque of the Red Death, Attack of the Attacking Attackers!, Revenge of the Revenging Revengers!, boy girl wall, and The Prometheus Project. His film and television credits include Kokoda, The Great Raid, Attack on the Queen, The Wilde Girls, Prank Patrol, and Wombat. He is the recipient of the 2011 Victor Award, 2011 Groundling Award for Best Production (boy girl wall), 2010 Matilda Award for devising and producing (boy girl wall), 2010 Matilda Comendation for Best Independent Production (boy girl wall), 2006 Matilda Award for Best Supporting Actor (New Royal), 1998 Jean Trundle Memorial Bursary and a 2011 Helpmann Award nomination for Best Male Actor in a Play for boy girl wall.