VERSION 1.0 is a Sydney-based group of artists who make devised performances that are both political and intensely personal, based on strong research, and that engage with significant political and social issues using innovative theatrical strategies. version 1.0 is acclaimed in Australia for its innovative, accessible and entertaining blend of documentary theatre, contemporary performance, and media spectacle. Previous performance works include The Disappearances Project, The Table of Knowledge, the Green Room Award-winning The Bougainville Photoplay Project, A Distressing Scenario, seven kilometres north-east, the Helpmann Award-winning THIS KIND OF RUCKUS, the Drover’s Award-winning Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue, The Wages of Spin, CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident), From a Distance and The Second Last Supper. Founded in 1998, version 1.0 was granted Key Organisation status by the Theatre Board of the Australia Council in 2009. Its team is made up of Dr David Williams as CEO, Jocelyn Payne as general manager, Sandy Collins as producer, Cara Anderson as development manager, Emma Bedford as production manager, Rebecca Saffir as media and marketing officer, and Sean Bacon, Irving Gregory, Jane Phegan, Paul Prestipino, Dr Yana Taylor, Kym Vercoe as the artists.