Brecht: A Practical Handbook


ISBN: 9781848425361
Author: By David Zoob
Publication Date: 10/05/2018
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 240pp.
Availability: Available


A bold and exciting new approach to Bertolt Brecht, making his theories and ideas about theatre accessible to a new generation of actors, directors, students and theatre-makers, and showing how they can be put into practice.

Theatre practitioner and academic David Zoob demystifies Brecht’s theories,  and offers an approach to study and performance that can be applied to a wide range of texts and theatre styles.

With close analysis of texts by writers including Shakespeare, Chekhov, Miller, Pinter, and of course Brecht himself, the author demonstrates how Brechtian techniques can provide practical pathways to exploring plays across the canon, as well as non-traditional forms of theatre.

Also included are dozens of exercises to help turn theory into practice, and explore what Brecht’s ideas mean for actors and directors, both in training and rehearsal.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, an actor or a theatre-maker, this book will change the way you view and work with Brecht.

‘Zoob has engaged with Brecht’s many and varied principles for a politicised theatre and channelled them into a wide range of novel and innovative exercises that are applicable to a great many dramas and can equally interrogate devised material… Excellent ’ David Barnett, Professor of Theatre, University of York, and author of Brecht in Practice

‘Brilliant… a fresh, energised approach [with] comprehensive exercises, playful games, script interpretations and plentiful opportunities for learning’
Drama Magazine

‘Where David Zoob makes his mark is in demystifying the terminology and the practice, turning the unintelligible into the practical and allowing readers to gain a really good and deep understanding of what Brecht was trying to achieve and how his ideas can be applied to theatrical performances today… such is the breadth of Zoob’s knowledge that anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of acting and/or directing would do well to pick up a copy since they are just about guaranteed to learn something that will help them to work more effectively in future’
British Theatre Guide

‘Demystifies Brecht in a straight-talking, deeply informed way… a fresh, energised approach’
Teaching Drama

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