Drama Games for Those Who Like to Say No


ISBN: 9781848420496
Author: By Chris Johnston
Publication Date: 2/09/2010
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 240pp.
Availability: Available


A dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book in the Nick Hern Books Drama Games series, this title is for teachers and workshop leaders working with difficult or reluctant students, youth groups, young offenders, and all those who seem intent on saying ‘no’ to whatever is offered them. 

‘This book offers invaluable ways for artists, teachers, workshop leaders and activists to better use the arts to empower young people’ Ken Livingstone, from his Foreword.

For these groups, drama games and activities need to be robust and engaging, and the dozens that appear in this book have been devised with this in mind – and then tested by their target players. Each page features clear instructions on How to Play, notes on the Benefits of the Game, and advice on age range, number of players and timing.

Following the ninety games and exercises aimed at developing core skills, the book offers scenarios for a series of improvisational challenges that test participants’ abilities in mediation, communication, negotiation, assertiveness and managing emotions. Also included is a collection of games aimed at preparing teachers and workshop leaders for facilitating challenging sessions.

The ultimate aim is to encourage reluctant participants to engage, collaborate and develop not just skills for drama but skills for life.

‘Packed to the brim with bright and breezy ideas – a bargain!’
Total Theatre Magazine

‘Each section of the book is well laid out and the games are clearly explained… contains some very interesting exercises’
Youth Drama Ireland

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