Making Your Solo Show: The Compact Guide


ISBN: 9781839040047
Author: By Lisa Carroll, Milly Thomas
Publication Date: 9/02/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 192pp.
Availability: Available


This clear, accessible guide to creating and putting on a solo show is packed with inspiring, practical advice for writers, actors, directors, and anyone who wants to know how solo shows are actually made.

Written by two theatremakers with a wealth of experience in the field, it leads you through the whole process – from finding a subject you’re passionate about, to developing your ideas and getting the script written, through to rewrites, rehearsals and getting your show on stage. It tackles key questions such as: What makes a ‘good’ solo show? How do I engage the audience? How should directors and writer-performers work together? And what’s the best way of approaching a producer?

There’s also invaluable advice on looking after yourself, coping with anxieties, dealing with reviews, and taking your show to the Edinburgh Fringe. With practical exercises throughout to help you put everything into action, this book is an indispensable toolkit for making your solo show a reality.

Lisa Carroll is a playwright, screenwriter and comedian, whose plays have been staged at Soho Theatre, the Arcola Theatre, and the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Milly Thomas is an actor and writer whose plays have been staged at Theatre503, the Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre, the West End’s Trafalgar Studios and New York Theatre Workshop. Together, Lisa and Milly teach regular solo-show workshops for training and creative organisation The Mono Box.

The Compact Guides are pocket-sized introductions for actors and theatremakers, each tackling a key topic in a clear and comprehensive way. Written by industry professionals with extensive hands-on experience of their subject, they provide you with maximum information in minimum time.

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