More Golden Rules of Acting


ISBN: 9781848428744
Author: By Andy Nyman
Publication Date: 3/10/2019
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 128pp.
Availability: Available


Andy Nyman’s first book, The Golden Rules of Acting, has become a bestseller in the acting world. Now he returns to bring you more priceless nuggets gleaned from more than thirty years in the acting business.

This book will help you to…

  • Learn to love auditions and self-tapes (yes, really!)
  • Look after your mental health
  • Deal with success and failure
  • Burst a few bubbles that need bursting

Written with the same candid wit as his first book, this is every actor’s new best friend – in handy paperback form. 

‘With great humour, wisdom and panache, Andy Nyman presents tasty advice for any actor. He knows that the more rules and craft under your belt, the more daring and original you will be as an artist’ Glenn Close

‘As with the first volume, this book gets to the heart of what being a working actor is about. No faff, no mystery, just practicalities that are always worth being reminded of’ Martin Freeman

‘One man shouldn’t be so wise and entertaining, but Andy Nyman somehow is. His latest Golden Rules are exactly that — and wild fun, to boot. I recommend this book not just to actors, but to anyone who has ever seen an actor act. Nyman’s insights apply to us all’ J.J. Abrams

‘Morsels of indisputable wisdom, which should provide much solace for any aspiring actor… practical and sensible suggestions, almost certain to bolster the confidence of anyone seeking to make their way in the business’
British Theatre Guide

‘A fantastic tool… an extremely humorous read [which] imparts pearls of wisdom… Nyman’s personality lifts off the page, which is a phenomenal attribute to have instilled in his book’
Broadway World

‘This book is such a good read… some bits are laugh-out-loud… it applies to all walks of life’
BBC Radio London

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